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a little more recent
a little more recent
a little more recent
best of friends (before dreads)
best of friends (before dreads)
body modifications
body modifications


inga dinga
12/23/10 02:47:56PM @inga-dinga:
hey girly thanks for addin me.

Kayla Marae Neumann
09/11/10 11:59:58AM @kayla-marae-neumann:
thank you the add im glad to hear someone else has been through this :)

Alicia Burnit
09/02/10 11:57:19AM @alicia-burnit:
Thanks for the friend request. You have some awesome tattoos.

Tara D
08/25/10 06:00:13AM @tara-d:
Hey lady, how ya goin? =] xx

Jeffree Vega.
08/17/10 01:49:28AM @jeffree-vega:
Thanks for the invite Bekka (:Lovin' the ink!Much love

Naja Sage
08/13/10 12:22:42PM @naja-sage:
greetings : - ) hope you're having a peaceful day --Naja

08/13/10 12:32:23AM @che:
Thanx for the invite Becca,, my sisters name is also Bekka,, hehe

08/05/10 07:23:55PM @amy3:
nice to meet ya mama--lovin your ink (esp. the gd work)

05/20/10 11:06:33PM @honeybee:
Hi,Sorry it took forever for me to comment back. Glad to see other Ohioans on here,this state hasn't created too many friendly open minded people from my experience so, glad to be your friend :) Where do you get your work from. I can't wait to get more...

Nathan Warren
05/07/10 12:07:51PM @nathan-warren:
i just have that one on my side. :-( i sure wish i could show you more though! theyre sooo expensive, at least the ideas i have are. my next one i want a sleeve of morning glory flowers growing on my right arm.

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