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Bastien Daoust-Beaudin


Country: CA


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/15/11 02:30:14PM @soaring-eagle:

Rick M
01/05/11 10:16:46PM @ko-nyein:
you look like a safe kinda giza so i just thought id say hi

Ronnie Collins
01/04/11 11:34:37AM @jennifer-garcia:
hey, thanks for the welcome, i do like this site :-) peace

12/17/10 09:00:34PM @jennifer-trigo:
Everythings great, just got your message now haha. Hope all is good for you too!

Roxanne Isabel
12/12/10 06:51:56PM @jemat:

shouting some positive vibrations from europe

nice to meet you

Adrian Migotti
12/01/10 07:31:47PM @jessica-fuentes:
<3 and Hugggs!!

Sarah Carter
11/18/10 08:46:06AM @arrows-of-the-rainbow:
thanks for accepting.....

Jack Allen
11/17/10 04:21:39AM @jora:
tanx for being accepting me......peace

Rebekah Smith
11/13/10 02:08:35PM @jason-and-brandy-cormier:
Thank you! It is nice to be a friend -Namaste

Adrian Migotti
11/09/10 07:46:35PM @jessica-fuentes:
TY much Lonnie and I would love to hang round the campfire w/ya!

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