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dreadlocks shampoo
Ko Nyein


Location: kl
Country: MY

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/07/12 08:24:39AM @soaring-eagle:

Ethan Edge
09/13/12 08:40:42PM @ethan-edge:

No problem brotha!

Amy Potter
04/08/12 01:33:53PM @amy-potter:

Nice music selection !

03/09/12 05:36:07AM @danielle-davenport:

Hey there

Sorry for the late reply, I'm rubbish :D

I moved to the UK from Germany about 2.5 years ago :)

10/16/11 04:40:44PM @bre:

Hey man, nice page!

like the Meteors too! Around christmas they tour germany every year :-)



Tara Earnest
09/30/11 02:57:22PM @tara-earnest:

thanks for the add :)

Joshua Cameron
09/30/11 12:35:35PM @joshua-cameron:

thanks my hubs hair is pretty straight he waxed his. i think they look rad. my hair is super curly and frizzy and dry!! so i figured they should dread on their own with less effort. i waxed mine too but in the process of removing it. i originally never wanted product but after 3 failed attempts i thought the only way it would hold was with wax. yes, i admit, i fell for the Jonny "Clean" scam.

Joshua Cameron
09/30/11 02:08:30AM @joshua-cameron:
Thanks!! Any suggestions? Tips?

09/21/11 10:31:42AM @nikki-rozay:

Hey! Yeah they're going good :D Gonna try to take pics tomm, have beenpostponingtaking pics cuz you can only see them on the pics in sunlight, indoors isn't enough, but been busy on all days or just simply forgetting lol will get to it. then I'll post em in my timeline then you can see them :) Thanks for being curious :D Makes me happy

07/24/11 05:58:51AM @emphino:

hey Lun, thanks for the add! i love those tiger dreads, what a great idea!!

yeh tiz good to have some from this side of the pond :o)

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