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April Parker


Location: Deville, LA
Zipcode: 71328
Country: US


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So as I was saying in my update...

By April Parker, 2014-04-14
I was showing my newborn baby dread to my husband who the. Turned to his slightly drunk friend and asked if he knew how to do which the friend replies : " yea. You just stop washing and brushing and let it get greasy and nasty and tangled up. "Well, I'm not one to be offended easily so instead of calling him a friggin douchebag and slapping him with my "nasty" hair, I calmly informed him that "no, you just stop can still wash it no problem. " then he proceeds to argue with me about it and refused to believe people with dreads wash they're hair. Well he stayed over and I made a point of flinging my freshly washed hair in front of him to further prove my point. I hate a person who refuses to learn anything from others because they assume they already know everything. Friggin douche.
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