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April Parker


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So as I was saying in my update...

user image 2014-04-14
By: April Parker
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I was showing my newborn baby dread to my husband who the. Turned to his slightly drunk friend and asked if he knew how to do which the friend replies : " yea. You just stop washing and brushing and let it get greasy and nasty and tangled up. "Well, I'm not one to be offended easily so instead of calling him a friggin douchebag and slapping him with my "nasty" hair, I calmly informed him that "no, you just stop can still wash it no problem. " then he proceeds to argue with me about it and refused to believe people with dreads wash they're hair. Well he stayed over and I made a point of flinging my freshly washed hair in front of him to further prove my point. I hate a person who refuses to learn anything from others because they assume they already know everything. Friggin douche.
April Parker
04/14/14 03:40:42PM @april-parker:
Haha too true SE! Some people just love to argue.

April Parker
04/14/14 03:38:30PM @april-parker:
Lol yea and your just kinda standing there like "then WHY did you ask me?" Everybody knows everything. Just because Google said it , doesn't make it true.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/14/14 03:37:27PM @soaring-eagle:

haha some ppl will insist u dont wash your hair even if they were in the shower with you as your washing it

takes a special kind of stupidity i guess

04/14/14 01:17:10PM @interrstella:
That stuff gets irritating. I get comments like that regularly about most everything. Everyone knows better apparently. Half the time it's people who asked for my advice and then had another friend tell them something else.

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