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09/18/11 03:09:03AM @werexiongmao:

you are in Taiwan? where?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/18/11 12:07:22AM @soaring-eagle:

you arfe causing the loose hair by breaking hair every couple months stiop it before they do get extremely weak if you keep that up eventualy they will be so weak a shower breaks them everytime u fix 1 hair u break 10 its never going to end till you stop it and let them recover your abusing them and makimg them be fuzzy cause u are breaking lots and lots ogf hairs

never ever go to a salon or do crochet

leave them alone ..thats all unfortunately the harm u did for 4 long years will take a long lontg time to recover from but if u dont start recovery soon you might as well cut em and start over right because iof all the harm u did they will be extra extra fuzzy for like a year but use alo=e only to ciontroil it aloe will also help them recover faster

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/17/11 11:27:25PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome im very confused u say u have dreads over 4 yeaers and u cant "do them yourself" so need someone to "do them for you" if u have dreads u dont got to do anything and anything u do need to do u gotta do yourself are u still doing stuff to them after 4 years? wghy? stop it!

wyatt walker
05/28/13 10:11:54PM @wyatt-walker:

ur welcome hun, yea music an my babies like ME LIFE haha stay beautiful inside an out:) peace JAZZ

wyatt walker
05/24/13 11:41:39AM @wyatt-walker:

awwwwe ur son is freaking a ham hes adorable i gots me a lil son too hehe hes gonna b 2 in setp. :) an love ur tunes rockin on here my kinda sheet:) peace

wyatt walker
03/05/13 04:45:38AM @wyatt-walker:

aww cute lil tiny one awww looks like momma hee hee i also think u r very beautifulas well :) peace an love i had my daughter wen i was 21, shes so big now 6yrs man time flys lol peace chica

will bo dean strader
07/18/12 08:00:43AM @will-bo-dean-strader:

You sound like someone I'd get along with lol. I'm weird too :P Is that your baby in your pictures?! He is beautiful!! I have a 9 month old (: I know someone who lives inAlaska and his girl is suppose to have a baby sometime soonbut I dunno what part lol.

youngdung Dhargyal
03/04/12 02:07:47AM @youngdung-dhargyal:

Hey!!! so excited to see that you had your baby!!!!!! :D I pray that he has a wonderful long healthy life!!! I am sure he is going to have a hell of a fun time with you up there in Alaska!! hope to come visit you guys someday :D

01/07/12 01:00:18AM @alfy:

Your dreads are coming on well, and you're so pretty! Great tatts and jewelry, too.

12/16/11 03:14:20PM @daniel2:

Welcome :) Haha i think im in love lololol

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