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dreadlocks shampoo
Ajmahl Rehman


Location: High Point, NC
Zipcode: 27265
Country: US

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1 and half months


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/22/10 02:28:02PM @soaring-eagle:
nah no need to starrt over you got sections and the only thing twisting or any starter methods really good for is definning the sectionsso just wash them good, if they unravel alot dont worry just keep em clean and they will dread fast

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/21/10 04:31:08PM @soaring-eagle:
oh hell no dont go backthose are gell twuists twisted way way way too tight they wont dread right the way theyre going wash your hair well and let it dreadif u keep going backj u can lose dreads have permenant gald spots gwet traction alpecia have severe issues never trust any salon to do dreads everwash wash washthose are soooo caked in gell and tightly twistedyour gonna want those to9 loosen up in order to dread and get that gunk out

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/21/10 02:09:50PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome umm what do u meajn not sure? you dont know how u dreaded?oh god u \didnt trust a salon did u?i hope not well we need to find out what was done to start your dreads so we can figure out the best way to save em.. almost all salon dreads are a disaster

Jacob E. Fernando
04/30/12 11:34:21AM @ruca671:

it me! haha hey:) thank u for the comment love, haha and hello en here to:)

Ellese Casteel
01/23/12 05:57:47PM @ellese-casteel:

i like my out look on life! lots of people don't tho they just say i'm out for myself but thats far from the truth i love helping people but i think you can only help people if you can help your self! lol i really like the tam you have made it looks great! and your tie dye has come out wicked i bet you are well happy! it is good to have skills with your hands and they have come out sick! and i looked at the photo of your dreads they are coming on nice!

01/23/12 04:04:42PM @graphixfanatic:

Oh wow, thank you ! :) Your kind words are much appreciated :D x

Nadya Papusa
01/20/12 03:31:10AM @ashley6:

Don't think I am! Atleast gonna leave them in for now!

Ellese Casteel
01/19/12 06:55:27PM @ellese-casteel:
The thing is! Is work I never let it get under my skin and I never bring it home with me! And with my ex I don't regret anything my past is what has made me in to who I am today and I don't think you should live life regretting the past! Life is a learning curve same as I don't look in to the future to much wishing your life away is bad! I like to live in the now and it works for me I'm happy and I like making people happy smiles get me thro the day! Lol but I can say Australia is on my list after Thailand and Japan my list going to happen might not happen in order but that's the fun of traveling I guess other countries on my list is USA to do burning man and rout 66 I want to see Canada too and Norway and new Zealand! Then I might go in to Europe and eastern Europe! But if I do end up in Australia close to you you'll have to come surfing with me!

Ellese Casteel
01/19/12 05:26:26PM @ellese-casteel:

you don't know my boss he still don't know my name i've worked for him for 4 year he is the worst person i have ever meet! if ya say good morning to him he just walks past you! he has people he picks on i just happen to be on that list! if i'm honest if i lost that job it would be good for me! i would go travel and do charity work they tend to feed you and give you a place to stay and i would be happy! and there is nothing wrong with living in a caravan i did it for 3 years after my ex took everything my house money the lot! lol now i'm living in a shed lol! winter is cold lol but i want to move out get my own place but i don't want to live in england anymore i want sun sea sand surfing and diving all the things i love! but i don't feel like i belong in one place i want to keep on the move see as much of the world as i can! and soon i will have the money to do so! how did you get on with your curtains? go well?

Ellese Casteel
01/19/12 12:38:44PM @ellese-casteel:
I'm glad the dreads are settling in! The leather hasn't moved in my hair it's worked well Ive even managed to get one in the back! And as for my day well Ive been subjected to some hard core discrimination at work for my dreads I've worked there 4years now and had my dreads for about 2and a half years they have never liked them buy in my eyes it's there tuff luck. No wear in my contracked does it state that my hair has to look or be like anything. I always have a head band on as I'm a machieanest, don't want to get my dreads stuck in that! Lol but now my boss demands that I must wear a hat or a hair nett! As I look around the room and see that non of the women have there hair tied up or back and are using machines willy nilly that he has singled me out because of my locks! When I bring this up and say that if they want to push it I'll go to the citizens advice and get legal help that they then went around telling the girls that they must tye there hair back when they are on the machines! Witch is good i think but I said too my boss that I know that's not what he was getting at with me as I had my hair Tyet back when he came and had a go this morning! Bam put him right in his place! I also told him I had this with my last job so I know what I'm doing with this! Lol sorry that was a rant and a half and I never get this mad but you mess with my locks you mess with me lol So you got any mad plan for the weekend? X

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