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please help HER

By ac marley 09, 2011-06-27
OK, so i have had my dreads for about a year and a half now, and my girlfriend still doesnt approve. she says they are still ugly, nappy, and dont look like the nice dreads she normally sees people with. on a daily basis she tells me to cut em off. in my opinion, i think they are doing fine. i got all the wax out of em, i do the rosemary, tea tree, acv rince all the time. and for being as old(young) a they are, i think they are doing ok, i am trying to be as natural as i can. but she doesnt understand it takes years for these to mature. can someone please explain to this woman she needs to be patient with me?? she doesnt believe me and feels like my dreads have no hope and i might as well cut em off. can someone tell her like wise please!!!????? i just took a pic to show my resent pic of my dreads. thank you for all ur comments, i will let her read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM. thank you again.
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