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please help HER

user image 2011-06-27
By: ac marley 09
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OK, so i have had my dreads for about a year and a half now, and my girlfriend still doesnt approve. she says they are still ugly, nappy, and dont look like the nice dreads she normally sees people with. on a daily basis she tells me to cut em off. in my opinion, i think they are doing fine. i got all the wax out of em, i do the rosemary, tea tree, acv rince all the time. and for being as old(young) a they are, i think they are doing ok, i am trying to be as natural as i can. but she doesnt understand it takes years for these to mature. can someone please explain to this woman she needs to be patient with me?? she doesnt believe me and feels like my dreads have no hope and i might as well cut em off. can someone tell her like wise please!!!????? i just took a pic to show my resent pic of my dreads. thank you for all ur comments, i will let her read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM. thank you again.
Monte Jackson
06/30/11 06:03:28PM @monte-jackson:
She may be a little insecure about all of the attention you will be getting from your dreads.......just saying. lol instead of just saying shes insecure about other women wanting to touch your hair or stare at them, she just wants you to cut them off and uses the excuse of they are ugly and other verbal assaults against your awesome dreads. Just reassure her that you only have eyes for her or even get her involved with your dreads by naming one of them after her or let her help you wash them. i'm not saying this is the case but it might help calm down some of the "hating" lol Plus she chose you as a mate for a reason. She will want you no matter what your hair looks like lol

ac marley 09
06/30/11 06:23:27AM @ac-marley-09:
first and foremost,Iwant to thank each and everyone that commented on my blog. Its great support believe it or not. im apretty busy guy soi dont get a chance toread my mail right away,but believe u me, i was pleasantly suprised from all my responses. For the record, I AM NOT CUTTING OFF MY DREADS! the thought has never crossed my mind. this was more for my girlfriend to hear someone elses point of view rather than my own. i cant seem to get through to her. but i am definately going to show her each and every single one of these comments. i will keep u posted on her reactions. once again. thank you all for helping me out. hope to hear form u soon.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/28/11 11:15:55AM @soaring-eagle:

if she cares so much about your looks to nag you daily when your dreads are importajt to you then maybe shes not the right girl for you

your dreads look great maybe sahes been led to believe dreads should look fake like salon dreads i dunno

but if she cant knock off he nagging after a year then im surprised it hasnt gotten very annoying and made ya wamna leave her ask her this

if she had a fat ass would she like it if every single day you complained 'why dont your ass look like other girls asses you should diet and workout every dasy to getrid of thawt fat ass"

ask her how shed feel if you did that to her?

its not about how your dreads look its about her atttitude towRDS THEM

Andrea Schneider
06/28/11 11:03:24AM @andrea-schneider:
i think your dreads are looking great! better then mine but mine are only a 1.5 weeks old. My husband thinks dreads are nasty and ugly, but it's my hair. and your hair is yours. Not her's.

Star Mercer
06/28/11 10:47:38AM @star-mercer:
First off, your dreads are incredible. Second, my hubby has always been supportive of me having my dreads, so I cannot say that I understand your delimma fully. I do know a friend of mine who had long, wavy, dark hair. He wanted sooo bad to start his dreads, but his g/f said she'd leave him if he did. He decided not to, just to make him happy. I saw him just the other day, and all his beautiful hair was GONE!!! She told him if he didnt cut it, she'd leave him. So he did and he made it perfectly clear to her, that he will do whatever she wants. I agree that she should still love you, even with your locks... After all, she loves you for you, not cause of your hair. :) Best ogf luck to you and her!!!

Shanxon Lemasters
06/28/11 09:42:32AM @shanxon-lemasters:
Don't let someone else's thought and opinions make you change yours. Dreadlocks are not only great for their beauty but they are in fact money savers for no more need of product, expensive shampoo/conditioners, take less time etc... (assuming of course you were a product using guy etc....) they save money and time on pesky hair cuts, hair styling, combs, brushes, picks. They are still possibly not even fully mature and while they are in the "mature" stage they are still changing and growing. Tell her give them another year see if she's changed her mind yet....she may just be stuck in stereotypes and has disliked them for so long she doesn't know how to like them! I don't know her so I don't really know, but my husband was not all gung ho about mine to begin with he missed brushing my hair and playing with it, when in fact he gets to play with it more now cause it's not always pulled back into a bun! good luck on trying to convince her!

David Alger
06/28/11 06:20:46AM @david-alger:

Youre dreads looks awesome man! Dont cut them off just to please youre girl. It takes time to get dreads looking like dreads but it is that time that makes it so special, that journey when u can see how much they are growing. Hope u dont cut off youre dreads

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