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3rd time is a charm

By: ☆starslingr☆
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3rd time is a charm: I have embarked on a new dreadlock "journey". (Ew, i actually hate that phrase, lol.) The time has come for another soul-searching quest. Perhaps I can be more specific in future posts, but for now this is basically what's going on.

I am currently sitting here with hair like the mane of a lion. It is a wild, backcombed bush... and I can't wait to see what happens. For some reason, this time, I was able to dedicate the attention needed to correctly section the hair, which was really the only thing I wanted to get right this time around. (Whether it will stay that way is another matter.) General fluffing and fairly light backcombing were done to start the process, but I have no intention of messing with it any further, for that would defeat the purpose of having a dreadlock journey. 

Even though the last one ended somewhat abruptly, I think I accomplished what I set out to do. I had many discoveries that my dreadlocked time helped me reveal. Having that wild and beautiful mess served as my daily reminder of what my goals were. Everyday I had to ask myself, "Why am i doing this?" 

The process of having dreadlocks practically speaking helps me slow down my mind, and the way I think about time. I tend to be less frenzied and more thoughful of what I'm trying to accomplish, which is emensely helpful for me as one who tends to be very anxious and obsessed with immediacy. The slowness of the dreadlocks developing paralell whatever spiritual or soul-searching quest I'm on, and allow me to relate to those things more calmly. 

Anyway, I appreciate being able to write about my little experiences here on this site. Each time I get a little better at patience. One of these days I'll actually feel able to keep my dreadlocks permanently, and I'll have to then find another method of questing the depths of my heart.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/15 12:09:35AM @soaring-eagle:

were they all combining into huge sections

u do have beautifully unrully hair i love it


because its so outof contriol get those bands out fast before they get swallowed

07/22/15 11:57:27PM @starslingr:

Yeah I don't know how well the sections will hold.  My hair is thick and heavy, and unruly on its own.  I only know that last time I did allow them to section on their own in spots and it was painful. I don't know about you, but i guess i have a tender head. So if it doesn't stayed section then oh well, I tried something new. It's only hair.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/22/15 11:40:57PM @soaring-eagle:

make sure uget those bands out but why did you go with precise sectioning

if you truly wantto free yourself from the bonds of time and  immediacy, you shouldnt have bacikcombed and instead just let it dread

i have for  30 years now ..or more i dunno i cant tell months from years anymore but i know its been a few decades... i have been marking time not by minutes or hours, but by light and dark

in fact, since i dont always sleep every night i mark days not by the stroke of midnight but by wether i wake up or not..ifi wake up its a new day

i dont pay much attention to weeks or months i just know when its hot as hell and when its freezing my ass off

untill recently i didnt even know how old i was and assume im still that age cause its still hot out


on the subject of sectioning, "precise secti9oning' is very likely to backfire with many attempting to split at the roots and revert to natural sections

if you let it section itself it would section itselfperfectly  for a blended  beautiful natural look

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