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oostan heimach


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hello from ohio

By: oostan heimach
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hello im oostan heimach,

ive decided to let my hairs go on there own.

i started backcombing a single lock a few days ago,

i added a littltle bees wax that i found in my cubbord.

today i realized that wasnt such a great idea,

so i rinsed with two T. bs and 1 sea salt and now here i am waiting to see if my hair starts knotting.

i plann on rinsing again in a few days maybe add some acv to the mix.

just wanted to shout out, introduce myself, see if i can get any advice, on how to go about getting them to lock up in a natural way i guess.

send me some feedback, peace.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/30/11 01:38:46AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome u are gonna want to remove that wax comb it oit and start over then just wash add sea salt and wait

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