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lino sanchez


Location: Oakland, CA
Zipcode: 94601
Country: US


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04/15/10 08:11:20PM @shawnee:
hey... haven't seen you online lately whatsup?

Charleigh Graham
01/12/10 06:46:31PM @charleigh-graham:
:D couldnt agree with you more :D do you have a myspace or facebook account? if you do you should add me

01/10/10 11:25:42AM @echolynnrain:
I don't even that bad or what? I'm on windowslive but never use it...I have a webcam and have never used it...also I'm on myspace and facebook. I'm echolynnrain on myspace.

01/07/10 11:59:06AM @echolynnrain:
I love your profile pic lino! That's a great pic! :)

01/04/10 11:58:57PM @iain:
Hey man whats been up?

Charleigh Graham
01/04/10 11:02:48PM @charleigh-graham:
thanks! its now bright neon red/pink :) i miss the blues, itll be purpe and green soon though :)

12/27/09 02:45:15PM @emily:
haha thanks lino :)

Ashton Delany
12/16/09 10:45:40PM @ashton-delany:
awe :/ well with me, everything is good, i make sure of it :) i'm not usually every down good good good

Ashton Delany
12/16/09 07:58:29PM @ashton-delany:
COTTON BRAIN!? hm...i mean i have had vertigo but never cotton brain :)

Ashton Delany
12/16/09 03:20:31PM @ashton-delany:
awe sicky...well those things happen sometimes, even if you drink a lot of orange juice :) thank you for commenting my dreads! I do hope you're not TOO sick and that you'll get to feel nicer again soon <3

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