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Starting over... AGAIN!!

By: Lindsey3
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So. I had started my dreads for the second time on the 1st of December 2011, and right after Christmas I took them out : ( soo im starting again.. for the third time. idk what my obsession with dreads is/ nor what keeps making me comb them out. But this time lets see if i can do it : ) i didnt like the part of my hair before so i got my hair cut and got my bangs back.. yay.. dreadies again!! I need to not listen to people when they say they dont want me to have them.. especially my boyfriend. I know he will still love me weather i have dreads or not.. i just get tired of hearing how he misses my hair sometimes lol. so this time too bad baby lol they are staying!

01/24/12 04:38:49PM @lindsey3:

I did 2 tnr ones on the bottom of my head.. that way if i do feel like i dont want them again on my whole head ill still have my 2 : ) but as of right now i havnt combed my hair.. only washed in bs and then just get it wet in the shower.. so we'll see how long this lasts lol.. some days i want and miss them and somedays i like my curly hair.. and being able to do stuff with it..

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