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OliviaJonas Aley
03/20/13 07:17:19PM @oliviajonas-aley:

Hey girl! I am glad you sent a friend request my way! I was just thinking of doing the same so that I could find out how your new journey is going! :)

Seth L.
03/08/13 12:11:46AM @seth-l:

Welcome! ^_^

the Barrellady
03/04/13 11:24:50PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the site & to your soon to be journey. Just reading your message to Eb2u and am not sure if it was just an error. You said you are going to do a baking soda rinse. It is actually a baking soda wash with no scrubbing. You use 1/2 cup of baking soda to 5 cups water. Mix well & pour over head and leave it on for 10-20 minutes to exfoliate the scalp. Rinse out really, really well. (You can add essential oils to the baking soda if you want). Now you are ready for the rinse. Mix 1-2 capfuls of Apple Cider Vinegar to 5 cups of water. Pour over head and leave on for no more than one minute, then rinse well. This conditions & balances the PH of the hair. Finish off with a rinse of the coldest water your head can take.

My tip to you: All towels leave lint behind, so purchase one the same color as your hair so the lint is not noticeable :)


ღHippie Loveღ
02/26/13 10:00:45PM @hippie-love:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.

Always, Hippie Love

Baba Fats
02/26/13 05:29:56PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. The natural method is healthiest. You won't regret it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/13 04:17:13PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome and definately thats the best way to go

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/20/13 12:03:11AM @soaring-eagle:

yes but once the wax is gone stop they can be very toxic for everyday use

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/16/13 06:29:38PM @soaring-eagle:

so glad its helping keep removing wax long after your convinced its gone

03/15/13 06:16:05PM @darkstar:

We're glad to help.

Trust me, I know how bad wax can be. My first set was started with wax. I went to a salon and they told me to apply it twice a week for 2 months. And not to wash my hair for those 2 months. When the time came to wash, my hair and rotted so badly, that it fell out in clumps just under the water pressure. The wax had just glued my hair together, so I didn't know how bad it was. I ended up loosing 1/2 my hair before I ran my fingers through it

03/15/13 06:08:36PM @darkstar:

In a case where the wax is so enveloped and set, you may find it necessary to use more than 1 technique to get it out. Since the wax be gone is working, you may want to get a good degreasing dish soap. Dawn is best.
Get a big pot and fill it with the warmest water you can stand to keep your hands in long term. Squirt a very generous amount of the soap in the water. Then, 1 at a time, dunk your locks in the water and massage the soapy water into your hair for about 1 minute each lock. Change the water periodically (you'll see why. It will get really grey and grimy). After you do this, wash your hair like normal. If you wash your hair 2-3 times a week, do this before every wash for a month. If you only wash once a week, start washing 2-3 times a week :) Since you are using the wax b gone, you may not actually need to do it for a month, but it won't hurt.
Massaging the soap in will really help get to some of the wax that is in hard to reach places.

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