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Gene Thompson


Location: San Diego, CA
Zipcode: 92113
Country: US


Blogs: 5

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Gene Thompson

fasting on juices

Lately I've been considering doing...
@Gene Thompson 8 years ago - Comments: 2

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meg ☮
12/28/10 11:56:15PM @meg:
Thanks for the kind words, brother! Hoping all is well with you, have a blessed day :)

09/24/10 04:00:28PM @jemma:
Red Ribbon

meg ☮
09/10/10 02:42:05PM @meg:
So nice! Hello to you too :)peace

meg ☮
09/03/10 04:47:57PM @meg:
LOVE your profile pic! very cool :)

Christina Love
08/24/10 12:42:22AM @christina-love:
Blessing and welcome to the site, BigUps and nuff respect your Locks are beautiful :)Peace & Love

07/23/10 07:23:50PM @opaulao:
Yeah people usually think I'm white..and my dad could pass for Asian..he's Mexican and seriously looks identical to Jackie Chan! xD

07/23/10 04:52:15PM @opaulao:
I see :)Oh hey you're half Mexican?? Me too!! But the other half is Chilean :D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/10 04:00:31PM @soaring-eagle:
sure is amazing isnt it

07/23/10 10:18:55AM @opaulao:
Welcome to the site!You dreadlocks look super long! :D

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/10 12:21:37AM @soaring-eagle:
good to hear and the baking soda is amazing isnt it?

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