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FREE dance show in L.A.!!

Phil Hulford
7 years ago
45 posts

Sorry I wasn't sure where to categorise this but here will do I guess :) feel free to move it SE.

So the company I dance for are coming to lovely California to perform our show at UCLA LIVE theatre and I have 4 FREE tickets for both nights if anyone is interested/bored that evening/or curious about contemporary dance!

Its a lively, emotional show called Political Mother. If your interested the dates are 19 and 20 October, so yeah next week! :) is the link for the website even if you just wanna have a look!

So yea, love to the deadheads! Phil x

updated by @phil-hulford: 01/13/15 09:12:00PM
7 years ago
338 posts

that's so nice']

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