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T+R on a whim

8 years ago
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So I just put the baby down for a nap and I was looking in the mirror at my brushable hair. I've been waiting so long for it to grow back after my fiasco with KB wax. I havent been brushing my hair, just washing and such as per usual. So anyways, I'm really excited because my hair was plenty knotty. Which means! that it can be dready. Day one of the journey is today!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I've been kinda quiet on the forum lately because I felt like I almost didnt belong without my dreads. And the sad part was. I had dreads, back combed, but no wax. And after months and months of listening to my family about how they hate my hair. I finally spent a couple days combing. Well guess what family, my dreads are back (well, on the way) and you can love me the way I am. With dreads and happy as a clam. Then a while ago, I was like I'll try the KB kit. If I wax once, it will be ok right? no harm no foul? That's a load of bs. I looked like a sticky sideshow bob. And felt absolutely disgusting. So this time around. Natural. Natural ALL THE WAY.I will post some pics later once I get somemore t and r done.btw I left this post in introduce yourself because I feel like I'm back, and the forum has so many new people. So Hi guys, I'm Jo and I'm back!
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8 years ago
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Let The Dreading Commence :)
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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wooohoooobut u always belongedfashion dreads dread journey begins with backcombing and a kit your dreads were grown from your soul those cant be cut just hiddenjust cause we couldnt see your dreads didnt mean we couldnt feel your dreadiness

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