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My Army of Kittens
My Army of Kittens
My Army of Kittens
My Army of Kittens
My Army of Kittens
Winston again, sometimes he gets dreads :o)
My dog Winston, he rules
3 month dreadaversary
3 month dreadaversary
3 month dreadaversary


Lonnie Berg
05/01/10 10:48:39AM @lonnie-berg:
Yeah, got em the other day and I Love Em, Love You Toooooo and soo good to have you around again, I missed you, but more than that I was worried cause we hadnt heard from ya in sooooo long. Glad everything's OK and hope it stays that way. Much Love Sister, namaste'

Lonnie Berg
01/29/10 03:03:57PM @lonnie-berg:
Hey Baby, I remember a long time ago you were looking for music to help you sleep, you might wanna check out this site i came accross,

Nathan Warren
10/27/09 12:04:17PM @nathan-warren:
hey! everythings going great! how are you?

simon kelly
10/23/09 02:09:16AM @simon-kelly:
hi Jo! cheers for the welcome love.. x

Lonnie Berg
10/21/09 07:24:22PM @lonnie-berg:
I miss your face momma, hope everything's going your way, Much Love to You and Yours, namaste'

Erin Joy Lauzon
10/12/09 01:34:01AM @erin-joy-lauzon:
how are ya doin? did you manage to get some sleep?

Lonnie Berg
10/09/09 05:23:04PM @lonnie-berg:
Jo, My Sweet Friend, just wanted to let you know that YOUR Rock Python just shed, thats another good sign. Didn't even know he was going into shed cause I've been disturbing him as little as possible.

Ketra King
10/04/09 05:27:35PM @ketra-king:
Thank you so so much :)

10/01/09 04:19:44PM @boobie:
i couldn't agree more =D

Lonnie Berg
10/01/09 01:13:19AM @lonnie-berg:
Hes not a little guy by no means, he's about 10 foot long but should weigh about twice what he does, I think I'll probably start him on antibiotics also cause I think hes got viral issues, bubbles coming out his nose. Bad Sign.

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