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What can i do to my hair to keep it away from my face

Felix diaz
4 years ago
3 posts
Alright so im growing natural dreads & its only been a few weeks but i can tell they are forming but i want to keep my hair out of my face. Would it be ok to wear a hat? If so what kind? & when i go to bed could i wear it?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
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the more u wear 1 the slower it dreads i could always face into a strong wind or let the hair fall where it wants

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Amanda Clouse
4 years ago
54 posts

Wear a bandana lightly, so your hair isn't restrained too much. Just don't wear it too often, because it does indeed slow down progress.

Under no circumstances should you sleep in a hat, unless you don't care about your progress significantly slowing down. You have the most progress while sleeping. That progress is due to tangling that occurs from the hair being down and loose and able to knot up. Putting a hat on would prevent that from happening!

Even if you have starter dreads, they need to be down and free while you're in bed to continue matting.

Felix diaz
4 years ago
3 posts
Aright thanks for the advice, means alot
Bob Ngarly
4 years ago
163 posts

I rock a headband pretty much everday cuz i cant see without it. My hear blocks my eyes now that its gaining length. I hate it. You can also try out parting your hair in differnet ways, and you can try braiding or twisting the locs together off to the side and around the ear. I have been trying some new things.. our hair looks pretty similar in length. I cant pull mineback yet. It sucks, cant wait to be able to make them lay backwards.

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