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Spirituality, Dreadlocks and Sobriety

Steven Wind
6 years ago
62 posts

Hey, guys. My name's Steven Wind and my dreads are about 10 months along now.

When I first started my dreadlocks, I was really anxious and freaked out about every little thing. For some reason, after reading hundreds of posts on this site, I thought that -I- would be different and my dreads would come along after like two weeks or two months, even.

For a long time, it felt like there was no progress happening whatsoever.
I started them on August 14, and by September, I started taking pills. I've had a drug problem in the past, with heroin and various other substances, and this was not a good idea at all.

After a few months of taking pills every day, I went back to heroin.

I had a few knots in my hair, but nothing substantial at all.

As my addiction progressed, I became suicidal and absolutely miserable - I saw nothing good out of life except getting high. On Easter weekend, while my parents were inJamaica on vacation, I took a train to San Francisco in an attempt to die.I've always wanted to live there, and I wanted to see it before I overdosed and took my own life.

I met a guy named Sean and I didn't realize that he was tripping on LSD until about midnight that night, but he took me around and helped me to find a place to score some dope. It didn't happen because the area was filled with cops at night, but the next day I found some. I got a motel room and just continued to use and use and use. And I just thought to myself, 'Is this it? Is this how the rest of my life is going to be?Am I going to take my life because of my dependance on a drug?'

I had had my phone turned off the whole 3-day train ride there and the two days that I was there. But I needed help. I asked God to help me, and soon after that, I turned my phone on. My mom's text message was at the top of the many messages concerned people had sent me. She said she was in San Francisco, to please meet her.

I called her and we met up. She took me home the next morning and I went to a treatment center. I now have a little over a month sober.

Now that I've gone back to my spiritual roots, my dreads have really blossomed. My sections are pretty clearly defined (though I do have to rip some bigger chunks apart every so often) and I really do have some teenage-dreads on my head. In fact, all of my hair is full of teenage-dreads.

It's interesting that once I changed my life and am now trying my best to love myself and have a relationship with my higher power, my dreads start to really take form.

I'm glad to be sober, alive, and a dreadhead.

Keep livin', folks!

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Karrington <3
6 years ago
98 posts
Very inspirational story.. I am really happy you found your way back.. I hate to think of the loss of a soul from drug addiction, and I have lost a few friends that way God rest them.. I am sending warm wishes, prayers and encouragement your way sweet soul.. Keep that chin up, it gets better.. :) good luck and blessings on your journey..-Karrington
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,520 posts

wow this was powerful i think i held my breath as i read it

im so glad that you came back from that brink and are doing better..and i want you to know always have this community here behind you ..if you feel week you can get some streh-=njgth here if you need a hand you can have 1000 ..if you need someone to slap ya around with harsh reality ..well u can depend on me

and if u just need someone to throw the drugs away ..or just say hey its ok.. you know you got a dready family

in a way i can relate

my 1st set of sderads were what broke me out of a dark time when i did alotta drinking alotta puills and took so,e risks (mixing pills i had no oidea what i was taking) i was luckuy to survive my 1st set of dreads suffered i had 2 horns and a beavertail i felt really connected to them and i was really spiritual but was not complete i talked the talk without walking the walk...

i straightened out before those dreads were cut but probly still want quite wher i shoulda been when my dreads were young and probly bout the stage as yiirs were at i ran into jah levi at a party and his dreads then were just touching the ground we start to talk and he sayis to me something like pay attention to your spirituality and your dreads wil flourish and i reallized dread growth is mor about inner growth then hair growth

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
6 years ago
544 posts

Wow, thank you for sharing something so personal and so inspiring. I had tears in my eyes while reading this because I have known quite a few people who never stepped away from the edge. Realization is the first step towards recovery and I am so glad you had your realization brother.

Good luck on your new life. <3

6 years ago
336 posts

This is WONDERFUL!!! Oh God Bless you and keep you straight on His track'] I'll share what just happened to me. I'm a Christian and had been dreading for just over a year, they were coming along beautifully, but they are HOT, I'm 51 and was not dealing well with the heat from dreads and hot flashes (sorry if TMI). My daughter and I picked them out 2 weeks ago and cut my hair. WORST MOVE EVER!! lol I was totally upset and missed the dreads awfully-almost depressed, crying and totally centered on myself. It took my attention off God. PLUS there wasn't much difference in the heat from the hot flashes!!! We all have our addictions and challenges, but God never gives us something we can't handle with His help'] I started dreading again less than a week later and I am back on track. SO happy for you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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