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Should I be Worried About These Lumps?

2 years ago
5 posts

A few of my dreads have started forming little lumps, and I've heard that lumps are more likely to get mold as they can hold water. The aren't too big at the minute, but will they get bigger? If so, should I do something about them now before they do? 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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those are loops they are essential to dreading

99% suck in and disappear just to be surface texture

nothing to worry bout'll get more then less

its just the stage they are in now

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2 years ago
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Lumps form when part of a dreadlock locks faster than another and gets shorter. Dreading is a slow imperfect process, so just let it happen. Whatever you do, do NOT just cut the loop off.

2 years ago
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looks good! I mean, I've never experienced those with my crocheted dreads, and my neglect ones aren't quite at that stage yet, so a little jealous TBH. Curious how mine will look at that stage...actually! we are near the same amount of time!...but I guess neglect (freeform, eh, plus a little wool rubbing) well, it goes a little slower than backcomb?!?

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