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Need some advice for my Mum

12/29/13 12:35:57PM
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Hello Everyone, hope you're all well.

As the title says I basically need help and advice for my mum. She has wonted dreads for many, many years and has recently turned 50. She encouraged me to start my neglect journey and I would love to have a dreadlock partner haha :). Unfortunately she has had a lot of brain operations and has very thin hair at a medium length (shoulder length)- it is straight although she does have slightly curly hair when damp. She and I are a little confused about were to go with her hair. I hope you guys can help us.

Much appreciation from mum and son :D- there are some pictures hope you can see them.

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12/29/13 12:46:45PM
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I just turned 50. My hair is naturally thin and very straight. Your Mom will be amazed at how thick her dreads will become and how thick it will make her hair. She has several choices on how to start them. Neglect is preferable but TnR works well too. Have her read the dreaducation page. It is full of info. Don't be confused. Hair dreads whether it is curly or straight.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/29/13 12:58:57PM
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isnt it obvious by looking at those?

natural all the way its wanting to dread..let it

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12/30/13 05:41:06AM
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I am 41 and have thin fine hair. Since I started dreading 8 months ago I am amazed at how thick my hair has become...I went from wrapping a scrunchy around my hair 3 times to barely being able to get around time. I think your mom should do it. Happy dreading!!

12/30/13 06:45:39AM
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Thankyou everyone my mum said she'll start soon but I am going to need more BS supplies haha, infact is their a way to cut down on the use of BS as I run out very quickly and with my mum to! we have local shops like 'lush' and 'Holland & barret' which do organic soaps and shampoos but I don't know I think they contain SLS or something....
Hannah Moore
12/30/13 04:58:42PM
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To be honest your mums hair doesn't look very thin at all in them pics and looks like it will dread quickly for straight hair... My hair is very thin even though I'm only 20 its always been fine, and very straight and about 9 inches long and in 2 weeks I've got a good few dreads starting up.

For the baking soda you could probably buy it in bulk online?

Hannah Moore
12/30/13 05:02:18PM
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Just noticed you're in UK as well... just check you're water is suitable for BS wash because where I live the water is really hard and when I was doing BS wash ages ago it wouldn't wash out properly and made my head itchy.

12/30/13 05:12:15PM
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Yes the U.K- I am in Redditch- Birmingham and the water is reasonably soft I think I have used the BS wash since the start a few weeks ago and its washed out fine I think. I mean once my dreads start forming like dreads (in a fair few months) ill probably go to a lush soap bar but until then I guess. At the moments though just have sectioned curls and a couple of baby dreads in the back.

Thanks again and my mum is going to start after her interview on the second of January so yea haha should be a good journey and we can support each-other I bet it will end up like a competition to be honest haha anyway good-night :):):)

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