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"Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar Soap" is it dread/ing friendly?

6 years ago
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Saw this soap at Whole Foods n picked up a bar, it claims to be good for ridding dandruff, which is something i just haven't been able to rid using a number of things and methods. Here is the ingredients:

Coconut Oil, palm oil, purified water, pine tar oil (Pinus palustris), vegetable glycerin

Thanks :)

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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i wouldnt unless u like smelling like tar

have u tried the baking soda teatreee rosemery pepermint and acv?

i got rid of my dandruff wich was the worse u ever saw

i tried a tar soap yeasrs ago while working in an office and my boss complained bout the tar smell

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6 years ago
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i use everclean occasionally it has pine tar in it also. I works sooo well for scalp problems but it does smell bad. I usually wash with a little bit of maylees after so I won't smell like it, although it does fade once my hair drys even if i use only the everclean. They also make an unscented version u could check out on amazon
Josh Kaplan
6 years ago
5 posts
I have it. i swear it smells like bacon. or something smoked. im a veg, but still cool.
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