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Baking soda wash with no oils

7 years ago
7 posts
So for the baking soda wash, it seems like everyone adds oils. People say these oils are cheap...I don't know where you guys live, but here it's not.So I was wondering...could I just do water and baking soda and an acv wash if needed?Thanks!P.S. I bought some "Naturelle Hemp Hydrating Shampoo" today. Would this work? It doesn't say non-residue or anti-residue and does have chemicals in it. The only anti-residue I could find was Neutrogena but I heard bad things.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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hydrating is conditioning good if yoir black bad if not

the oils are cheap becaujse 1 bottle lasts months and months

i just spent like 50 on oils but when they last 6 to 8 months thats cheap (that was like 6 or 7 oils and shipping)

the baking soda can be used withoit the oils ofcourse the oils are strictly medicinal if u dont have a medicinal need u dont need oils

tho teatree is also preventative so is lavender

the rest are to treat conditions only

if u just get teatree 5 dollars worth will last 6 months

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Electric Mama
7 years ago
80 posts
I just use the baking soda wash with out any oils. I have tea tree oil, but it is missing at the moment, and I never added it to my wash any way. So you are in the clear! Works for me!
7 years ago
7 posts
Well it looks like I don't have much choice. I'd rather get dandruff than mold from residue.Thanks for the quick replies.
Jack Roth
7 years ago
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Ive never used oils man and im closing in on my 2 years long mark :)
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