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wyatt walker
05/28/13 10:11:54PM @wyatt-walker:

ur welcome hun, yea music an my babies like ME LIFE haha stay beautiful inside an out:) peace JAZZ

wyatt walker
05/24/13 11:41:39AM @wyatt-walker:

awwwwe ur son is freaking a ham hes adorable i gots me a lil son too hehe hes gonna b 2 in setp. :) an love ur tunes rockin on here my kinda sheet:) peace

wyatt walker
03/05/13 04:45:38AM @wyatt-walker:

aww cute lil tiny one awww looks like momma hee hee i also think u r very beautifulas well :) peace an love i had my daughter wen i was 21, shes so big now 6yrs man time flys lol peace chica

will bo dean strader
07/18/12 08:00:43AM @will-bo-dean-strader:

You sound like someone I'd get along with lol. I'm weird too :P Is that your baby in your pictures?! He is beautiful!! I have a 9 month old (: I know someone who lives inAlaska and his girl is suppose to have a baby sometime soonbut I dunno what part lol.

youngdung Dhargyal
03/04/12 02:07:47AM @youngdung-dhargyal:

Hey!!! so excited to see that you had your baby!!!!!! :D I pray that he has a wonderful long healthy life!!! I am sure he is going to have a hell of a fun time with you up there in Alaska!! hope to come visit you guys someday :D

01/07/12 01:00:18AM @alfy:

Your dreads are coming on well, and you're so pretty! Great tatts and jewelry, too.

12/16/11 03:14:20PM @daniel2:

Welcome :) Haha i think im in love lololol

Taisha Rudoski
12/07/11 04:09:01PM @donovan-sky-morales:

hope all is well in your loc journey as well as in your family and pregnancy! I always love to visit your page, it's so mellow and I adore you music!

08/13/11 02:31:49PM @richiespice:

Hello, I'm doing good, How bout you? I came across your videos about your TnR journey and I just started mine!

Andrew Bet
07/02/11 11:46:13PM @devon:
Hope all is well beautiful!

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