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dreadlocks shampoo
Zack BatGang Smith


Location: cleburne,Texas
Country: US


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so I have a question about washing my,dreads?,

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-16
So can u use any kind of shampoo that doesn't have any peg number it or what? And when should I wash my hair?
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so I just washed my hair

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-15
And now my locs are all loosebut are still sections so I guess I'm going natural now. So can I go natural still if I use to twist them?
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I have a question since you told me that its,not good to retwist and stuff what do I do after I wash them some of them come loose and stuff. Should I just leave them be or what?
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I always wanted dreads so I grew a afro

By Zack BatGang Smith, 2012-03-14
So I had them twisted is that a good idea? I am,mixed with black and Mexican and I have curly and nappy hair lol
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