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Location: Land O Lakes, FL
Zipcode: 34639
Country: US


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Inity 1
10/20/09 08:23:36PM @inity-1:
wicked site sista1 LUV

does it matter
10/20/09 01:56:31AM @does-it-matter:
p.s. hows life : )

does it matter
10/20/09 01:56:09AM @does-it-matter:
yeah for sure, new page looks tight, so do some of those videos! I have a question for you, i've been working with my buddies band, we're all good friends, have been for years. and uhm they're starting to make it big, like we're playing this battle of the bands in chicago in november sometime on a stage snoop dogs playin on in a month or so. pretty big, and im thinking next summer maybe have a tour trip you know, country-wide or whatever we can book and make ya there anyway you have a stagge or venue in the camp that we could rent out or something maybe next sumer xanthia? you should really get back to me about that, cuz like thats totally a possibility, we'd do plenty of advertising, but you could too, they're really talented, creative, into their music, fun, chill, easy goin, funny, kinda guys that love music, and love people. uhm kinda metal inspired, but also inspired by life, friends, work, life..., and definatley all types of music, so like lots of people could get into them, lots of energy, so idk hit me up if that sounds like somthing to think about for the future, thanks, peace. zakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk from the land o cheese, aka wisco

Lonnie Berg
10/17/09 06:01:16PM @lonnie-berg:
Luvn' Huugggzzzz Beautiful One, namaste'

does it matter
10/12/09 03:03:03PM @does-it-matter:
how goes life, whats new and exciting xzan

patrice cailhavel
10/01/09 04:13:27PM @patrice-cailhavel:
with pleasure

Lonnie Berg
09/29/09 01:23:40PM @lonnie-berg:
Luvin you and the new profile

09/29/09 12:45:00PM @knottykonner:
I am great!How're you?

09/29/09 12:11:07PM @rbn:
yeah very nice.

Dirty Momma Funk
09/28/09 08:55:47PM @dirty-momma-funk:
Very Nice! Happy Birthday too! I'm taking a note from the comment below mine. ;-)

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