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By Viktorija, 2012-05-27

Okay, so I just finished my dreads yesterday I started them on the 20th...ummmm I think they look pretty good for being so young! lol. However, I used the twist & rip method and my roots are really loose, I'm not worried about them (they should tighten up, right?) but how bad do they need to be before you start worrying about it? If anyone can help it'd be much appreciated. I REALLY love not having to brush my hair anymore, I've hated it ever since I was a kid, but I've always loved having long hair too, dreadlocks seem to be the perfect resolution!

So I figure I'll keep posting pictures every few weeks and really track my dreadlocks progress on here.I read the forums while I was making my dreads, and everyone on here seems really helpful so I'm looking forward to meeting all of you too!

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