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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/25/11 11:45:12AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome wax is a huge mistake and aloes going to slow progrsss too but wax will prevent any progress at all

Anthony Armstrong
02/02/14 06:25:17PM @anthony-armstrong:
Say, you're Nissa from DT aten't you? I just gotta say, your dreads are by far the most incredibly awesome set I've ever seen! I even saved your DT timeline on my favourites to inspire me... Well, that's about it. Good to see you here! Peace!

Kevin Fraser
07/15/11 10:39:37AM @castaway-j:

whoa.. thats awsome mate!! what kinda show was it? where have u moved to now?

I'm in pre prod stage of a documentary ill be shooting next month in tibet and himalayan region...

add me on fb @ plz

Kevin Fraser
05/13/11 04:46:29AM @castaway-j:
ahoy!wats happening in your life?

04/04/11 05:37:21PM @george2:
Sorry it took so long to accept your friend request. I really haven't been up to date with this site lately. Sorry, lol.

03/15/11 10:05:29PM @tim-c:
Aww she uses her dreads as kitty toys too!! *friend*

denise iesha alice shannon
02/22/11 11:41:33PM @cindy-lillemo:
GoshI miss you so much! What am I gonna do? (Sniffle, sniffle...) Love you too! <3

02/07/11 06:16:00PM @feedroh:
Im good ma friend real good thankx for yur reply and im glad u like ma tatts on ma face appreciate the compliment hope yur safe and well and hope u get yur phne connected again so u kan be online again u hava good day a!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus Everett
02/07/11 09:26:57AM @mikey-kinsley:
so, i am supreme god of kanabys(cintamani) and need me real wife so make yours pray and find gi-janedread girls are realy appriciatly for eternity

02/06/11 03:07:21PM @feedroh:
Heya i did ma tattoos with the needles but it is frm ma own design i got three of ma relations to draw out ma designs and another guy to do the wok, um it wasnt done the traditional way with the cut and ta way ma tipuna ma ancestors did it that wud have been painful ass and bak in the nineties i dnt think newun new how to do the tap and cut way then rub the ink intu the wounds etched and cut in to the skin, and it wud of taken klose tu twenty years before all of it wud be close tu finishin it, that was how me ancestors did their ta moko bak in the days. I did ma own designs but later on wen i herd wun of ma unkles say i cuda dun wun pertaining ma Father and Mothers whakapapa, geneology on ma face i was disappointed that i was not told wen i was havin mine dun but i am happy about geting mine dun bekos it repersents hu iam as a Maori and i carry ma ancestors history on ma face so im happy with that. As for how i did ma lockz was the natural and neglect way and jist left them too matt up by themselves. How have you been ma friend??I like yur locks how are they comming along?? Where are you from??

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