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dreadlocks shampoo
vicki miller


Location: Riegelsville, PA
Zipcode: 18077
Country: US

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Lauryn Dowding
08/01/14 08:34:53AM @lauryn-dowding:

My dragons blood scented shampoo turned up this morning and just washed my hair with it, feels so much cleaner and healthier already. Thank you Vicki for these great products!

Chris Grant
06/12/14 05:57:23AM @chris-grant:
Fantastic shampoo! My hair feels so much healthier. Thank you so much!

Cristina E Mooney
07/10/13 10:55:07PM @cristina-e-mooney:
Hi! I was wondering if there was anyway J could pay for an order nice already place with Paypal with a credit card instead because my Paypal account is telling me it will take up to 5 days to clear and I really need to get wax out of mine and my husbands hair. I also wanted to add the wax b gone to the order of soaps I previously placed and I can't even order again because my email and password are not working on the shampoo site & I never receive an email to reset it. Please help! I'm already in love with your products and would like to fix the damage I've done to our dreads before they get too mature.

Juls Costa
07/02/13 12:11:42AM @juls-costa:

Dear Vicki,

I've been trying to buy some products from and for some reason I cannot complete my order. I've talked with the guys and they told me that you could help me out with this issue.

I already have an account with PayPal and it's all right, it should work. I put all my information and in the end when it comes to confirm the order it shows those messages:

Return to Bucks County Soap Factory

At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to Bucks County Soap Factory and try another option.

Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be shipped to that address.

I`m outside US, currently in India. It shouldn't be an issue though. I don't know why there is a problem with the address. My billing address (Brazil) is different from my shipment address (India), but that is allowed right?

Everybody says good things about your products,I really need that shampoo!

You can also check my profile out at the website and see whats wrong: JULIA AZEVEDO

I'd really appreciate your help.

Thank you,


Johnny Bravo
06/27/13 11:30:09PM @johnny-bravo:
Hi I ordered some of your shampoo and gel and I had it sent to the wrong address. I had it sent to my physical address it is was supposed to be at my PO box and it has already been returned to you. I was wondering if you could assist me in this situation please. You can email me at thanks for any assistance

Rafael Rodriguez
06/20/13 03:29:24PM @rafael-rodriguez:

Your soaps are widely recommended on the site and I would like to learn more about your products to help me choose which one I would like to buy.

I'm interested on the locking gel and bar soaps. Since I'm not familiar with with the scents or most essential oils my only choice would be tea tree and rosemary. Besides the smell is there any other benefits over for one bar over the others? If I buy the gel and a bar of soap, is it possible to get some free or lower cost samples of other soaps that you would recommend? I'm Dominican so my hair has different texture and I currently reside in NYC.

Osiris Eyes
04/18/13 10:15:30AM @osiris-eyes:

Yup! I finally made this account a few days ago.

Osiris Eyes
04/18/13 09:51:43AM @osiris-eyes:

BOO~!! Guess Who? Lol

Arlequine Mardoll
02/02/13 03:46:04PM @arlequine-mardoll:

Hello Vicki,

Just received my order this morning, only 6 days to reach the Netherlands !! Thank you so much for sending it so quickly, and adding samples, and your kind word. The three bars I ordered are great and the samples you sent are also incredible ! The Sandalwood & Tonka has the most wonderful smell ever, if it was to be available in full size I would be delighted. Thank you again for crafting so great stuff !!!

01/05/13 05:38:03AM @danielle2:

Thank you for making this amazing smelling shampoo bar that I ordered. I am in love and I want more of them, I want to smell them all!

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