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Parent trouble again

user image 2013-02-04
By: Tyler Clayborn
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My dad made the appointment for ke at the salon for friday D:. And didjt even consult
Tyler Clayborn
02/05/13 03:41:37PM @tyler-clayborn:
Very true too

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/05/13 03:15:49PM @soaring-eagle:

just say

mom dad whats more important that i lose a few loose hairs or u lose a son

if yoir constantly trying to force me to do things i dont want to do your only going to push me away

but if you show that yoi respect me and rhe desicions i make then you'll earn my respect as well

so do i pack my bags and live on the street so you worry bout n=me eatting garbage to survive or do you back off let me live my life get a job and a nice place to live so you dont have to worry

your not going to change who i am but maybe how i feel about you

02/05/13 02:42:28PM @man-d:

See there..... Perfect example of "why" to tell the parents.

...That you want to make a commitment to something that will take time and patience!!! :-)

Tyler Clayborn
02/05/13 01:21:39PM @tyler-clayborn:
Yea im still going through that 'how did did u get those ' and ' you know those r gonba take forever to gr0w right?' and im completely ok with that

02/05/13 12:39:45PM @man-d:

Hi Friend,

Just read your post and can totally feel your pain. Why don't you try a more peaceful approach with Mom & Pop's. Explain to them why you want to keep your dreads. That it is a psychical extension of your personality. That you are an individual and need to express yourself.

Also, people are always going to judge you regardless. Dreads or bald!!! Your skills to be a productive employee should not be based on your appearance!

I myself have only had dreads 4 weeks and went thru all the questions and ehw gross comments at work. I run a website so I don't deal face to face with the public.

However, I live in a small poe-dunk town and people look at me like I have the plague. But I just smile and say hello!! hehehehe

Mom & Dad are just trying to protect you from the cruel, harsh world. They want you to succeed in whatever you strive for!! Just talk to them in a calm respectful manner and see if that helps!!

Best of Luck

Tyler Clayborn
02/05/13 10:32:14AM @tyler-clayborn:
I thought about just going into his phone and cancelling the appointment

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/05/13 12:00:35AM @soaring-eagle:

they arent broken but tell him 1st yoiu need to have full disclosure of what they will do to "fix" them

then when you have that info reseaerch what the results would be here and then you can tell him why thats such a horible idea

Tyler Clayborn
02/04/13 11:01:23PM @tyler-clayborn:
He wants me to get them fixed

Tyler Clayborn
02/04/13 10:54:07PM @tyler-clayborn:

Baba Fats
02/04/13 09:40:42PM @baba-fats:

I agree. Just don't go. If he drags you there, tell them not to do anything. Sit in the chair for the 30 minutes or so while your dad thinks they are doing something. Then leave with them looking just like they did when you came in

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