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dreadlocks shampoo
Tyler Clayborn


Location: Yorktown, VA
Zipcode: 23693
Country: US


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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-08
Mom used my salt water thinking it was something else...
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Parent trouble again

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-04
My dad made the appointment for ke at the salon for friday D:. And didjt even consult
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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-04
Is frizzy ness ok?
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Parent trouble again

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-03
Well my parents think that since im gonna be working this summer that it*ll be hard to get a job cuz im black and i have baby locks. For back up evidence that people with dreads can have good jobs. For those of you who have jobs with locks Could you comment what profession your in and say if you got your locs before or after you got the job?
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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-02
I dont have the ability to get shampoo from so are there any shampoos i could get from walmart
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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-02-01
Do u think that if i were to wear a sweater cap when i go to slep, that it could hold my hair in place and help with locking while asleep?
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I Dont Know

By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-01-30
Eaelier today my dad expressed his negative comments with me and my hair (8 days old) . My mom also question my hair to. But thats not even the tip of the ice berg. My grandma call and expressed her negative comments basically insulting long dreads. I dont see why my family wants me to do my hair ' their' way and not just let me do my own thing. And the saddest fact about this is that virtually none of my family supports my decision. But all of my friends support do.
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By Tyler Clayborn, 2013-01-28
Ive been dreading for about 6 days. I started with a two inch afro and one dqy i did the towel rub method then went straight into free form. My main concern isnt the wait , its cleaning. I would order some organic shampoos from these great website s ive heard of but, i dont have a credit card, and i dont feel like dealing with my parents criticism. So to make an already long story short. What r some home remedies that u use? What would u suggest for my my free form babies? Please go into detail . Ive heard about a few but im not quite sure what to do
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