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My 1st Synth Dreads.

user image 2010-05-21
By: Twiggy
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I guess I am just writing this down so I don't forget. Using synthetic hair is a challenge. The type I'm using is still attached to the wig, so I don't have to worry about using any elastic. (I'd be lost if I did!)Here is what I've done to achieve what I have so far, with a pre-made, synthetic (non-human) hair wig:1. Brush the wig as you normally would as if you'd be putting it on your head and wearing it. Use aerosol spray sold at your local supply store to "soften" the hair, as it is naturally thicker than human hair. You want it as thin and manageable as possible.2. Begin by separating, using about a pencil width of hair at a time.3. Backcomb. Do NOT over do it. Do not pull the hair(s) too rough, nor be too afraid. The idea is to get it puffy, not to maintain it's straightness.4. Work from one side to the other, in layers. Layering is very important, and do not dread all of it, because then where the extensions are attached will be visible to anyone who looks at your head! With a wig, dreading all of it will make it look like extended spider legs, so be sure to layer, keeping 70% dreads, the other 30% straight. (It sounds odd, it's not--- trust me!)5. This is new and up to you: I use tiny, tiny bands at the base (root) to keep the dread from unraveling. Remember, this hair will NOT grow. Chances are, you will have to heat seal it using a blow dryer or soaking it in boiling water in order for it to smooth the dreads and make them look their best. Even with the greatest amount of back combing, some pieces are just stubborn! And because it doesn't grow, you will have to maintain it in all likelihood, by occasionally doing a little bit of combing.6. Don't be afraid to try on your dreads. I highly, highly and strongly advise against using any type of wax, even if its clear. If you want the dreads to maintain the strength, a water based (more malleable, non-sticky) pomade is a good option, plus it gets rid of the sometimes irritating "wig" smell. (I used "Men's Grooming Pomade by Christophe" and I found it @ CVS.) The tips are tricky, those have a tendency to unravel after you've worn them awhile, and this is natural. Again, applying glue or anything like that would be a death sentence. It will NEVER come out of synthetic hair. Just flow with it! Be creative! :)7. Since this is all experimental, don't fear trying something new! Just remember, synthetic hair is completely different to work with as opposed to human hair (which will be my next, AFTER I successfully finish this piece!) It is resistant to dye and every hair product except those made for "synthetic hair pieces."So far, I am happy with the results. I am near completion, and have not yet decided whether or not I want to leave in the bands or remove them. This hair is quite stubborn. And since its "fake" no product in the world is going to work. It could do more damage than good. But all in all, it has taken me three days to dread almost a full head of synthetic hair (wig). Here are some before and after pictures below to illustrate. Same wig.Before:


:)PS: This is also a great option if you don't know if you are ready to dread your hair yet, or simply want to try something different, either for one night, a week or until your hair grows out to where it needs to be to start dreading it. You may find that you love it (like me) or maybe you want a different color that accentuates your face better. So, that's how I did mine. =] Thanks Bonnie, for re-awakening my interest in dreads!!Love,~Juno (aka Bethany)
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