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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Zipcode: 23456
Country: US

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Don't Let Me Stop You

Don't Let Me Stop You

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Long Shot

Long Shot

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I Hope You Dance

I Hope You Dance

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side view... kind of.
pony tail
Sweet soul, bitter heart.
Apathy setting in.
1st little bit of color!
green, blue, green.
Gansta. LOL.
The structure picture.
Killer contacts.
Smiling up @ the sun.
Before I went red.


12/14/10 03:27:27PM @didjeridurian:
Hey Twiggy,I see you live in VA beach. I am giving a Primordial Sound Healing Workshop in VA on the 21st of this month. If you're interested let me know and I'll send the details. Also out of curiosity, when you say you dread wigs, does that mean while it is on you or on like a manikin? That might be a ridiculous question...? Anyway, let me know. :-)Sat Nam <3

Erika Jones
12/11/10 03:27:03PM @erika-jones:

can we be friends!?!?!?

10/30/10 08:36:29AM @yvette:
I am writing because it looks like there is someone on here that makes wigs out of locs. I have worn locs for 7 years. They grew to 36 inches before my first cut, and I just cut 21 inches. I wanted to donate them to a charity that makes wigs for kids with cancer but they will not accept them. The reasoning behind not accepting locs is that "they can't be straightened." Interesting. Nevertheless, I see where someone is making a loc wig. Interested in my hair for a wig?

06/09/10 03:01:21PM @sadangel777:
Have you been to the oceanfront yet to look for dread beads?

05/31/10 07:30:42PM @iain:
oh hell yeah that'd be awesome! lolI've been pretty good, losing internet here an there as well lol,oh btw the locks you made yourself were real hair right? i was thinking about doing some experimenting with that myself, how much did hair cost you anyway?

hippie mama
05/27/10 02:43:43PM @hippie-mama:
im glad u heard all good things bout me. i try to be a good person cuz im a firm believer in karma.i mean your sisters a really good friend to me and just knowing my son is so fuckin awesome at music man, i mean he can keep a beat on the drums and already has the concept of the guitar down. hes something spectacular. mommys lil rockstar. but i mean hes obviously pretty sweet having dreads before the age of 2 right.

hippie mama
05/26/10 11:51:16PM @hippie-mama:
hey bonnies sister. im not sure if u have heard bout me but im the one who "started" ur sisters dreads. i was just wondering if ur gonna make the full commitment of doing your natural hair in dreads as well or if ur just gonna do the wig thing. just curious> u shud def. make the full commitment cuz im guessing that the synthetic wig hair wouldnt feel the same as real dreads especially since u have to pretty much melt them (if i understood heat locking them correctly that is) well either way good luck and u shud come out to visit sometime i would love to meet u. ive heard so much about you. peace and love.

05/25/10 10:27:39PM @iain:
Hola Juno!how's it been going?

Smail Jr
05/24/10 12:18:08PM @smail-jr:
unfortunately my week didn't started that good, how's yours? hope it's better

Smail Jr
05/23/10 08:20:51PM @smail-jr:
thanks for the add and welcome n the family :)

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