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The Longing for Long Dreads

user image 2010-11-25
By: Trina Sandress
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A lot of people talk about how they wish their dreadlocks were long and can't wait until they get long. I thi nk that if these people would focus more on having healthy locks before they know it they have long locks. Just revel in the naturalness of having dreads in general. That is positive energy at work. My lock process started with a twa(teeny weeny afro)and just enjoying my head being free of chemicals and other toxic substances. As I began to truly love myself more and more my locks absorbed this love and became long very fast.
Putting healthy foods and drinks into my body has helped tremendously. I have increased the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in my diet and all of the vitamins and minerals were vital and still are to helping maintain a healthy head of locks.

Just my two cents worth from growing my locks for 13yrs now.

new dreddie
06/26/12 08:25:36PM @new-dreddie:

Locks*****I hate autocorrect using my kindle!!! :)

new dreddie
06/26/12 08:23:41PM @new-dreddie:

Hi Trina,

I agree with you, I totally long for beautiful lice down my back. I need to be patient. And chill. Out! I will have them one day! :)

06/04/12 06:30:01PM @hippiegal:

Tara, I'm having trouble with impatience too. I just try to stop comparing them with other people's and get on with life.My dreads have been at the same length for a few months. I think they're past the shrinking stage, now it seems as if they're waiting for a signal to start growing. Like runners lined up at the starting block! Lol!

Tara C
06/04/12 11:52:34AM @tara-c:

I agree, but I'm still learning with that. I stopped being impatient about wanting mature dreads quite a few months back, but I still sometimes get impatient knowing that it'll be a long time before I have those really long dreads. But it's a process, and because there's no speeding it up, there is only learning to accept it and love it.

06/04/12 10:17:02AM @ixchel:

i love your view on growing long locks. I completely agree, love them, take care of them & what you put into your body, enjoy the journey. I want long lovely locks, but i'm willing to wait because good things come in time. My hair isn't that long now, it will shrink alot, & then it will grow & grow & grow :)

06/04/12 10:14:44AM @ixchel:

henna will lighten but it won't fade completely it either is grown out & cut, left be or chemically removed. i regretted using the henna before starting my locks, but the reminder will be there as they grow & they can be natural from here on :) you can get beautiful color from henna & it's alot better than any boxed options out there.

Trina Sandress
08/19/11 09:45:55PM @trina-sandress:

@NiceNknotty I wouldn't feel bad about coloring it. It definitely will fade faster than chemical coloring. I made the error of using too harsh of a commercial color on my dreadlocks about 3yrs a go and it made a bunch of my locks break off so now my hair is getting healthier and healthier with my not fussing over them so much.

I have tried henna years ago and felt it be very conditioning. And I liked the subtle color it gave my locks. So if I were to ever color my hair I would use henna. At this point in time I am content with the color that they are and like to minimize what I do with my locks.

I have really been getting into making polymer clay dreads beads to add color to them. It has been really fun. And I make dread bands using recycled fabrics for something fun.

Trina Sandress
08/19/11 09:38:34PM @trina-sandress:

@KidAynGibran every length tells the story of the lock journey. I don't think it matter how long they are! I think that it is important to love your locks no matter what stage you're at!

Kid Ayn Gibran
08/15/11 09:20:33PM @kid-ayn-gibran:

The length of dreads tells a journey. But I guess you actually have to travel the journey first.

08/15/11 08:56:23PM @hippiegal:

I think the henna will fade over time. I have a friend who used it to cover grey and she kept having to reapply the henna when it faded. It's not chemical, anyway, it's a natural product, and has been cosmetically used for centuries. So don't feel so bad if it lingers. You won't be the first person with layers of past color in their dreads. Rather, congratulate yourself for saying no to a chemical color. That might've left damage much worse-looking than a henna demarcation.

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