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Patience, Contentment and Beyond

By Tim5, 2012-11-28

Patience and contentment. Growing hair should not require patience. Acceptance through the knowledge that we have, that it will take years to grow dreadlocks, can bring into our mind, contentment. So, weekly or monthly observations should not cause thoughts about progress, letting go of ideas that I can watch it progress, are best forgotten. Learn, then forget everything. Focus on the inner journey not the outer growth of hair. What dreadlocks cause is an inward journey of self discovery. They allow us to break free from material values and look within, and see the within of others, dont look at the hair, look at the soul, see that this person does not want his or her outer body judged. I want to be free of physical judgment (from myself and others).

Going beyond thought, and just doing the thing, living spiritually, the locks grow, just wash and separate, that is all, leave questions behind, live in the moment, neither looking forward or back, right now everything is fine, I want for nothing. At this moment I neither think of the past or the future. The locks on my head dont need me to think about them to knot and grow. Positive thought is powerful, but uncontrolled thought will cause all sorts of ailments. Today, I remembered to forget everything.

Stillness, no thought, going beyond thought. Patience is effort, I want to be still (me, soul), I know my hair will be fine, it is becoming natural, it needs no help, maybe a little separation, it doesnt need that, I do, for comfort, more questions. Do I? Perhaps I will adopt a minimal separation dreadlock.

Acceptance through knowledge that it will take a long time to grow dreadlocks should banish the thoughts about progress from our mind. Firstly we need to realize that growing dreadlocks is a long term commitment, (not even commitment, it is nothing, it is natural). There is no destination; the end is never coming, stop thinking.

Dreadlocks is the natural state of our hair, then what is the natural state of mind. To be still, to be loving, to be in the moment.

Just a ramble, some thoughts, just my opinion. I would love to hear others thought about this or any other subject that comes to mind.



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The Journey Continues

By Tim5, 2012-10-30

Hey everyone. I wish you all a lovely and peaceful day. My dread experience has continued, I have dreads again, as of four weeks ago. I did have natural dreads between 1999 and 2009, congod and loved it. One congo on the back did get a little uncomfortable to sleep, but I cut them off because I was meditating alot at the time, and was becoming very concious of attachment and questioned, was I attached to my dreads, and I guess to answer the question, I cut them off, in hindsight I guess the fact that I was prepared to cut them could have told me I wasn't, haha. Although I had dreads for ten years I actually new nothing about the dread process or products or anything really, I just let them grow, perfect really. But, this time around I had access to the internet, and thought that backcombing and wax was ok,I was suspect on the wax for sure, I actually washed it out the next day after the backcombing, after four weeks, I have a very good start, nice firm baby dreads. I wash my dreads a few times a week. My dreads want to congo, I can feel it nearly every day, hair getting pulled into dreads, I think I will have to accept it, and let them congo, not as big as before, I think I had eight dreads last time, so maybe ten this time. I think it is very natural to congo, if that is what is happening I think I will agree with the dreads and let them congo. Does anyone else think that congod dreads is completely natural and should be nurtured?



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