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09/27/12 05:19:01PM @sweet:

Yep I recon it would turn some heads!

Tiggum Strixx
09/16/12 11:22:28PM @tiggum-strixx:
I'm doing ok these days, I have more intelligence than to dwell in a bad place, but sometimes you have to give in so that you experience the bad to the fullest so you can the F over it.I am quite the philosopher, so look out you bunch a freaks ;)

Baba Fats
09/16/12 10:12:34PM @baba-fats:

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I've been there, trust me.

I can't wait to see pics. Thanks for being willing to contribute. I can't wait to hear more about your journey

Baba Fats
09/11/12 08:12:53AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. I'm glad you noticed on your own that sleeping on one side effects how they develop. Some people don't see it right away.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/10/12 11:21:37PM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/06/12 04:17:52PM @soaring-eagle:

just watch the vid

and if u do keep twisting till your only option is to cut it off you may just have permenant life long baldness from it

is it worth it?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/06/12 04:14:59PM @soaring-eagle:

nobody is bashing nothing we are trying to help

so you realize those who go every few weeks are causing extreme harm so then every few months does the same harm only not as mi=uch.. thats the point you shouldnt be doing all

stop all twisting and let them recover

Tiggum Strixx
10/03/12 12:40:19AM @tiggum-strixx:
Ok.. Thanx for bashing my hair. Haven't been on 3 days and all I'm getting is ur hair bad this and bad that.. Hair is not that important to me so if it thins all the way out its time for a haircut. My hair has not been maintained in 3months so I'm doing fine versus ppl who go every couple weeks..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/03/12 12:31:48AM @soaring-eagle:

irs not its continueing thge damage started by the cirnrows and wil continue to make it worse

the tighteness is the cause

letting them be only as tight as they naturalt=y would be is the cure

why should they be any tighter then they want to be?

they stop tightening atrthat point..for a reason!

any tighter and the hairs being puled in unatural direcy=tu=ions,.,and pulled out of the scalp

cornrows do does twisting'its the exact same tension how can it not cause the exact same issue?

hair pulling sideways too tight causes that thinning and its guaranteed to get worse unless ytou stop twisting all together

watch that vid

if that doesnt get you to stopnothing will cause the damage it can cause can be extreme

i see it efvery single day i have never seen 1 single salon dread that was healthy and didnt have traction alopecia

not 1

you have it

every 1 that goes to the salon u go to hads it

and you know you have it yet you still continue causing it

Tiggum Strixx
10/03/12 12:01:11AM @tiggum-strixx:
Didn't get a chance to watch.. I'm at work now. But these have actually been makin my hair stronger versus me having conrows. I like the progress so far. If my hair falls out its bcus of years and years of combing and pulling for braids. I'll just cut it then. I'm pretty self reliant so everything that's been done or will be done comes from me.. To me it's tidier to maintain every few months not just let it naturally grow all over the place. Everyone grows dreads different and my method has been makin my hair stronger so ill stick with it...

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