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Thierry Guatemala


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out of hand itchys nd dandruff

user image 2011-06-08
By: Thierry Guatemala
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Ok well I have this dandruff ever since Ive had dreads, and before them too, but without the dreads simply washing my hair would make it go away. Since shampoo and dreads are not friends I use the Baking soda teatree oil mix as recomended by most.

My dandruff is going crazy though, its everywhere and its kinda gross, I dont want it to be bondin into my dreads because id think thats just nasty and not very clean.

Im happy for any advice and will try anythin, I just want this to end now

Luna  j.
06/19/11 09:54:21AM @luna-j:
Apple cider vinegar , That stuff will be your locs new best bud in no time!.
and what! dreads and shampoo not friends? mine love it. i use a simple non residue one.
Just smells oh so fresh. then you make a little mixture of part applevin and water , put it in a spray bottle. be careful of your eyes tho!
You'll have some very happy locs in no time, my fellow dreadhead!.

Fifi Iam
06/14/11 04:31:36PM @fifi-iam:

Who said Shampoo n dreads are not friends, My sister has been doing her dreads for 7 year n she uses Shampoo n they look so cool . It all depends on what type of Shampoo u use.

I started my Dreads one year ago , at the begining i was using Wax n i got alot of Dandruff so a friend of mine advised me to stop using wax cos the hair was already locked .

I started Using TEE TREE TRIPLE TREAT Shampoo from Giovani and TEE TREE Conditiona since then i have never seen any dandruff in my head . It works and i have been using it for 5 months . U can try it out it works .

David Dade
06/13/11 08:41:03AM @david-dade:
I had the same issuewhat i use is Dr.Bs to shampoo with then i started using a ACV rinse and put myself on a wash once every 4 days . the ACV mix i use is a little stronger then most i use 1 cup ACV and 2 cups of water this really turned things around for my dandruff, i still get a little dandruff but nothing like i did before.

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