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Introduction. (My First Blog Post)

By: ॐ The Grateful Bear ॐ
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"Hello my beautiful locked friends."

My name is Keagen, and I am 17 years old from a small town in Pennsylvania. I joined this site a month or two ago, and hadn't wrote anything, so I figured it was time to change that! I love the individuality of everyone on this site, and I think that every single one of you are so unique and the energy you guys radiate is so beautiful! ~ I am going to start taking my time to blog more on this site about multiple topics, and some of which may not include dreads, but important issues such as environmental, spiritual, musical, economic, etc. I cannot wait to get to know all of you more, and it's a huge honor to be apart of this community that grows more and more each day! Have a wonderful day everyone, and don't forget to be happy. ~

Below, I linked my YouTube channel, feel free to check it out, and subscribe to join me on my journey! ~

Clickhereto check out my channel. ~

Much Love,


Little Wing
05/09/14 05:51:11PM @little-wing:
Hey, welcome! I actually re-joined the site about month and a half ago. Two years ago I had one set of backombed-crocheted dreads and now I'm starting to freeform. Going kinda slow tho, but despite it might be seen as just "hair", I'm in the learning process, in many ways.Anyways, looking forward to read from you in the future. Take good care!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/09/14 02:37:24PM @soaring-eagle:

when the new site http;// is completed it will have multiple blogs multiple forums and galleries each with uop to 50 categories

so im taking requests for new bolog types and categories

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