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Tessa Smith


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Accepting my dreads for who they are

By Tessa Smith, 2011-07-26

For four months of my dreading process I wore synthetic dreadlocks in my hair to make my hair appear longer instead of doing the right thing; what I should've done from the start... accept my short dreads for what they were. I feel as if by wearing those synthetic dreadlocks I've missed out on the growth of my own dreadlocks and being able to see them mature and become the dreadies they are today. When I go back to reminisce about my dreadlock experience from day one, I won't be able to look at pictures of MY dreadlocks, all I have are pictures with the synthetic dreads .

When I started dreading my hair back in January my hair was just barely touching my shoulders. As they got older they started shrinking which I knew was going to happen but I figured I would accept it better then I did. I was self conscience of my short dreads and felt that wearing synthetic dreadlocks would be the only way to feel less embarrassed. By the time my dreadlocks were six months I finally decided to take out the synthetic dreadlocks. Even cut off a dreadlock on accident while trying to take out one of the synthetic dreads.

I'm so sorry dreadlocks for everything I put you through. I now love you for the dreadlocks you are and regret even putting those nasty things in my hair to begin with. The one thing that I will truly miss is being able to watch my dreadlocks blossom in to the beauty they are today. Although they still have a ton of growing to do, I will love them for the dreadies they are.

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