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dreadlocks shampoo
Taylor a Pfeiffer


Location: Gillette, WY
Zipcode: 82716
Country: US


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06/22/11 03:57:10PM @tashie:
Oh, hey there.

08/17/11 09:10:40PM @oshinn:

Peace and Light for you!

Brian McGeorge
07/16/11 11:30:22PM @tara-bearchild:
Hey neighbor!! It looks like momma and pappa both have dreads! Nice to meet you, are you coming out to the art fair (aka fart air) this year?

Jessica Summers
06/08/11 05:19:36PM @alice-lane:

Hey! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

(Dead URL)>

Peace & love,


p.s- what colors do you want for your sleeve?

Jo Woods
02/03/11 11:54:09PM @lovescompass:
Hey, Momma! You and your son are total cuties! Your dreads are really coming along well -- keep your patience handy and don't give up, you're already well on your way! I hear you on how good it feels to talk to people about your locks and help dispel the nasty stereotypes and closed minds out there. I always love talking to the over 65 crowd, too. I'm quick to remind them of folks like the amazing Toni Morrison, with her beautiful crown of long, silver gray dreads and Bobby McFerrin who has grown quite a main of beautiful slim dreads. Dreads are for all of us...old and young...all colors, cultures, genders, religions and beyond. I hope you do let your beautiful "garden" grow and flourish. You just might inspire your son to grow a brand new set! Be well, sweet sister

Ethon O'Brien
01/05/11 11:27:57PM @kati-barrett:

hey! im glad you dig my dreads-

i got the ends to look like they are, by

1. taking a small rubber band and putting it on the end

2. use a crochet hook and pull hair up. [search youtube]

Avanish Tiwary
11/13/10 12:02:08AM @tiffany3:
My last haircut was over 18 months ago ad I've been simply neglecting my hair for about 8 of those months.I have mainly been using anti residue shampoo and occasional vinegar rises. I am currently trying to recover from a nightmare with beeswax.(UGH! wish I found this site sooner! 3 weeks and its STILL not out yet)

Jess Randalsmith
07/08/10 09:20:12AM @robert3:
thankyou also momma for the reply, sorry for my late response. Sounds like you started them on a proper way. Sometimes i wish i could start over because mine are becoming very mature and i like them wild. Somethimes i'm pulling hair out of the dreads to keep em wild. Other than that i just wash my hair a lot, washing helps the progress a lot! The loops and bumps is the coolest stage, enjoy it! Eventually they will shrink into the dreads, but after 4 years i still have a lot of bumps and loops, i hope they don't completely shrink into the dreads, i think it adds a lot of caracter. Keep us updated, i'm very curious how they will mature. It will be a wild journey!

Jess Randalsmith
07/01/10 03:29:13AM @robert3:
thanks momma! mine are started 4 years ago, with poorly backcombing. after that they did it all on there own. the only thing i did was washing them, wich helped a did you started yours? they look very natural, i really like the loops and bumps, gives them already caracter!

Samuel Byrd
06/28/10 02:57:30PM @karen-o:
Wow wish we had fire flies around here (we only have crickets, mosquitoes and frogs in summer :P).... enjoyd the BBQ?? It's very warm here also so when my nightshifts are done going to plan some swimming and BBQing as well :)

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