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Tarsha Dixon


Location: Cleveland, OH
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 10:06:31PM @soaring-eagle:

sure am and we'll be upgrading the site to a whole new format in a coupler weeks

and will possibly set up a section for that as long as we can find some who are interested

note when reading around the site u will see alot of recomendations to avoid locticians at all costs dont be offended by that as we do recognize there are a very small number that arent disasters its just that its such high risk

theres 1 story u might come across where a woman had spent 5 grand at 2 diferent locticians they did all sorts of crazy stuff to mess up her dreads wich resulted in another 5 grand in medical buills cause all the wax caused infectesd breakouts requiring several surgeries and multiple coursdes of antibiotics

1 week after joining and starting to reverse what the locticians did she cancled her next already scheduled surgery cause her skin cleared right up and her hair dreaded more in the next couple weeks then it had in nearly 2 years i think it was seeing the locticians

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 09:18:13PM @soaring-eagle:

ok you just made me happy its always so refreshing to meet a loctician thats really interested in the health of thier clients hair ive had some get severely abusive in the past just for recomending that wax shouldn't be used or that crochet is damaging

so welcome aboard

i am near philly so ohios potentialy doable

several years ago i offered to have a "certified organic locticians" program

it wasnt too restrictive basicly they shouldnt advertise any harmful products or methods and if those products or methods were requested they would have to explain the harm they cause as well as supply a pamphlet in writting explaining the drawbacks and harm and sign a waiver that they understand the harm potential

as long as they warn the clients they were still free to provide the services if they want to when requested

in all these years havent had any locticians except 1 that was interested ..and shes great

give me plenty of planning time on that event and i'll see what i can do

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 08:41:16PM @soaring-eagle:

this is mine its over 5 years ago though so they are alot longer now

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 08:39:12PM @soaring-eagle:


all hair types lock by themselves and need absolutrely no help

the african curl pattern does alow twistiesto work or commb coils on the straighter type (i hate the term "good hair" ) those coils or twists tend to hold together as a resuklt of that curl patern twists and coils areentr needed to dread but are fine ways to start (but not interlocking) however its when its repeated as maintewnence that the harm comes in they should be put into twists or coils then washed often ands alowed to dread thats it

seperated using the popping method and they shiuldnt be ashamed of having hair ion the head between dreads

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 08:34:18PM @soaring-eagle:

i appreciate and respect that and sorry for my tone we have seen so many salon and loctician disasters but a rare few are ethical and willing to learn

so yours without seeing more pics dont seem to be balding or anything but many of your clients are andthe onnly caucasian client i saw had perfectly healthy natural dreads and then looked to have been severely crochetted

serttingher progress back by 6 monthsor more and taking 3 years to recover from

locticians is a made up word just like locs as aposed to locks

its meant to implty that you need a technical degree in order to tangle hair and locs are "more acceptable" then locks

salons often call real dreadsnasty dirty etc even though natural dreads are often washed aminum of 10 times more often and many locticiands recomend no washing or even wetting for the 1st 6 months to a year!

the whole term was invented to make preople think its only acceptable if its exzpensive

in fact in i think it was virginia or somewhere 1 particular salon trademarked the term loctician just so noone else in the state could claim to be 1

im glad that your all aboiut natural care and whats healthy for the hair and locks

but forced tightening of the roots is not healthy especialy to tyhe scalp

you should read over the dreaducatiomn page the featured discussions the loctician recovery sections

and i hope in the future you can be 1 of the 1% of locticians out there that refuse to do harm

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 08:20:00PM @soaring-eagle:

retwisting every 2 weeks? bare u seroius/ that will cause severe balding in under 6 months a sane ,lloctician would reccomend never rewtisting more then 2-4 times a year max

twice a year theres very lil chance of peremenent harm 4 times a year there can be gradual permenent harem if its done real tight but it takes at least 3 months to recover from a tight retwist

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 07:59:15PM @soaring-eagle:

just looked at your site and all of yoir clients have traction alopecia

you should never retwist!

heres some shocking statistics for you

40% of all african americans get traction alopecia from braids cornrows weaves and salon dreads

95% that have salon dreads get traction alopecia

salons praise traction alopecia as 'neat tidy and fresh' and if your not balding they say you have "shitlocks"

dreads never need retightening and its that constant tighteninvg that causes balding

and that is what you should stop recomending to your clients in fact you should read up on here on ways to reverse that

you should never see all that scalp thats a medical condition caused by tension on the roots wich causes the capilaries that feed the roots to die therefore no hair grows between the dreads the dreads get thinner the gaps get wider and the more you tighten them the worse it gets and there is a point of no return after wich only a hair trans0plant will help

now for the most shocking statistic

50,000 19 year olds ayear have to have hair transplants because ofd salons forcing tight styles

and 6 year olds show signs of balding from too tight braids etc

its an epidemic and itr must stop but it has to stop with proper education wich your liscence and credentials dont give you

it has to stop with you..your ethics your willingneses to say no i will not retwist nor interlock because they are harmful

if you have ethics and refuse to do harm you will gain respect but you have to educate the clients aswell cause salons have conditioned them into belkeving the balder they are the more acceptioble it is

if you wantto call yourself a natural hair care specialists then you have to learn what natural hair care means

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/05/14 07:44:29PM @soaring-eagle:

liscencing and credentials are meaningless because locticians are always trained wring

interlocking causes weak spots at every interlock point thats a minumum of 35% weaker in addition it removes elasticity from those points creating snap points that will snap rather then absorb shock

but whats far far worse is that it caoses traction alopecia in will over 95% of those who do it in fact out of the tens of thousands of cases ive seen ive only ever seen 4 that didnt have traction alopecia

Tarsha Dixon
12/05/14 07:17:09PM @tarsha-dixon:
I appreciate your opinion. Interlocking is a special tecinque and should only be done by a professional loctician, which I am. Please check my licence and creditials. In the future I will not post anything about interlocking in respect of your forum.

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