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user image 2012-11-11
By: DreadfulAmenita
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Today is my 1 month anniversary since I first did tnr. What a fun month it has been! Tomorrow is also my 2 year wedding anniversary with my husband. Yay!

At this point, my babies are really dreading up in some places, and some more than others. I have some hairs that have decided to come loose. The ends are still loose and curly. I stopped re-tnr-ing them after the 2nd week. I was worried they'd come loose, but that hasn't been the case, except for a few in the back. (I'm sure they'll catch up at some point.) I have LOTS of loops and zig-zags, which actually give my hair a very similar look to the curls they once were. I've been alternating Dr. Bronners with Bs/ACV, but honestly at this point I don't have a lot of love for the BS/ACV wash as my hair just seems to be more itchy, dandruffy a day after I do it, and right after I get out of the shower, I get almost hive-like itchy bumps on my face and chest. They go away in 15 minutes, but it's still something I don't look forward to. I'm still not very bold with wearing them completely down in public. I've been using tams but more bandanas at this point. I'm hoping the frizz will tame soon, which is what I'm most self-conscious about.

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