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1 Week Journal

user image 2012-10-22
By: DreadfulAmenita
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I'm king of using the blog function as a way of journaling my progress in dreads and what's been going on in my life. This isn't necessarily meant to be deep or entertaining, just cathartic for me.

It's been a week and a day since I did tnr. It's been a very enjoyable week. I've crocheted 5 new hats in my zeal to learn more about patterns and have been playing with beads. I've also enjoyed throwing out my comb and multiple hair serums I've tried for so long to tame my hair with. My hair's happy, I think. Still some frizz, but actually the original curls that I tnr'ed seem less frizzy, more defined and longer than I'm used to. I imagine some of that length I'm enjoying is going to lessen with time, but if it doesn't, that'd be awesome. I've always wanted long hair, but the length always just got sucked right back up into the ringlets, especially underneath.

I've stopped using aloe. At first it seemed to help tame the frizz, but it seemed like I was finding white crusty flakes that looked like dandruff the day after. I'm taking Baba Fats advise and taking that off the menu for now. I've shampooed only twice, because I haven't really seemed to need more than that. I'd expected more oiliness, but my scalp has been nice and clean.

Otherwise, I haven't been messing with it. Some of the areas around my scalp (mainly in the back) are really loose (because my arms got so tired), and I've put beads on them so I won't think about those strands so much.

I'm ready for the debates and elections to be over. Boca Raton is lit up with Romney sights and old white people holding nasty signs about Obama on street corners. I'm also ready to be out of Florida, hopefully to a place with cool weather, real trees, mountains and waterfalls. Alas, our time in FL has been extended til Dec. 21st. In construction that means we'll be here through Christmas. At least we can be thankful my husband has work through winter when construction projects are lagging. I've re-taken up the hobby of reading. Mostly sci-fi and fantasy that can take me to a world of magic - and real trees, mountains, and waterfalls. (Just discovered Pier Anthony. Since Xanth is loosely based on FL, it's even more entertaining.)

I took down all pictures of mention of my hair on FB. I only have a few friends and family on there as I'd decided to only keep the people on that I felt were truly friends. (grand total of 10!) No one even said anything, so I'm just keeping this to my and my hubby... and you guys, of course. Since we'll be suck here for the holidays, I don't know when we'll see our families. I suppose it will just be a surprise.

That's about it for now.

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