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Random Raving Rants.

By: Sonja-Skye
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so I have a spare moment to post,
I'd like to say thank you to everyone for reading my blog and comment on pix and things, as well as I'd like to say a very much appreciated thank you, to all you lovely people here on this site, for welcoming me with open arms and open hearts, it is a very warm loving community I have noticed,
This is something very powerful to me, I've been having all kinds of trouble, and been UN-abled to communicate with ANY of the people I know of late, and this is a somewhat disturbing fact to me, growing up as someone who was a very very social person myself, and always being around friends and loved ones, so I began feeling lost and wondering if I'd ever be able to find what I felt I was missing.

I was so intensely lucky to stumble across this brilliant page, made so pleasant and thoughtfully for people feeling the same way. I am just flabbergasted at how many other people there still are out there feeling almost exactly the same as me, and I am so glad to be able to freely speak out about it and not worry how people are judging or what they are thinking, because I know it's okay to disagree, and there's no problems, but allot of my friends of late are really really bugging me so horrifically, I feel as though I cannot breath around them any more

I hated feeling pessimistic and dis-heartened, I really thought I was actually losing my mind because I was talking to walls all the time, or at least that's what I thought, that's how perceptive and caring my friends were at the time, and I felt I was just running out of rope, and then, I decided finally to do my Dreadlocks, so I went searching for a few months looking for some pages, but they were pages either with Lack of information, or they would list seller's or salons and explain EVERYTHING on the positive side of products and different methods, but I also noticed allot of them POO-HOOED the natural way, and really pushed for the natural way as a style of "NEGLECT" this is sad, when natural begins to become "NEGLECT" and ALTERNATE, but none-the-less, that's off on a tangent.

When I found this page I was totally skeptical about the "NEGLECT/NATURAL way, so I thought, yeah why not give it a day or 2 n see just how that FEELS, so I did, but I was still slightly unsure about it all, then I started asking people on their washing methods and everything, and practically everyone on this site, suggested baking soda/sea-salt and a little lemon with some oils, so I mixed up some baking soda with sea-salt, a touch of citric acid (at the time as a substitute because for some reason we r out of lemon, AGAIN.... good on pancakes, might explain y, nom nom nom)
I used about 2 cups of cold water and 2 1/2 of boiling water to dissolve all of this, I had seen a post earlier on the site for this washing, because I was worried on touching and fiddling, although at the time I had plaits, not proper dreads, (only about a week or so b4 my dreads, to help along with the sectioning, and it worked a treat) so I'd seen someone suggested a good technique was lying upside down on the couch as long as they could, so I took this to mean they were soaking their hair in a makeshift basin with the solution.
Any ways I gave that same idea a go, to soak all my plaits n hair to clean it, and that is the biggest turning point for me for why I chose to do as Natural as possible as I could with my dreads, that and all the products and other methods, just FEEL like they r taking away from the very essence of being human, and being in tune with your mind body and soul.
as well as I easily believe had I of used the products, my dreads wouldn't be as lovely and exotic as they are.

I am truly in love with my dreads, just like I am truly in love with my absolutely gorgeous partner, who means the world to me, and without him, I don't believe I would have the courage to be myself, let alone stand for what I honestly believe in, he's helped me through some very emotional times, and although I am aware the relationship is still young, I can safely and easily say I can see a many more happy years and decades to come with him, we have been together for 2 years, but I feel as though we are so in tune, it's just wondrous and miraculous, every day spent with him is a day I will never be able to ever forget, and I wouldn't want to, after all, he's my light and my rock, he's one of the most important inspirations to my life, because I feel without him, I wouldn't be able to take this existential journey, or the big first step to start my dreads, and had I not have found him, I FEEL as though I would just be another mindless droid, sucked into the consumerism, ethical and moral decay that has become our modern society.

one of the things that I love about him is how he's showed me much patience, and he's showing me how to live harmoniously within myself and all my surroundings.

So I hope you can take something special away from this, just like I felt I was giving you something special, a part of myself, and hoping that you feel as inspired and calmed as me reading this, as I feel whilst I'm writing this, it's a very therapeutic past time for me writing so I really hope that I am able to do as much good for someone, as I believe Glen has showed me.

Peace and happiness all around for everyone ;)

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