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gop economic solution legalize bank robbery

user image 2012-01-12
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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the gop has made alot of noise lately about corporations being people and money being speech

the same gop under the bush reign of terror started stripping away all our rights, but the right to freee speech remained. at the same time they push for looser gun control, making it easier to get many guns.

so logicly, if money is speech and we have the right to free speech we have the right to free money.

banks are holding on to lots of money and thety dont exactly give it to you easy

so we have the right to beare arms and the right to free speech (free money) so the gop is encouraging us to rob banks to get out=r free money.

ontop of this they are making it harder for the poor to live but making it easier for millionairs to become billionairs.

the mega rich are storing masds quantaties of free speech in the form of green papers in bank vaults while the poor are losing their houses and living on the streets.

this creates the perfect opportunity for greatter equality and a mote stable economy as the poor take up arms rob banks get their free speech in the form of lil green papers and put that money back into circulation

speech held silently within a vault does no good to nobodyt, but freed free speech put back into circulation, used to purchase houses cars and goods stimulates the economy creartes jobs for the jobless and stability to the system

ofcourse the gops solution requires the instability of thousands and thousands of poor running around with assault rifles robbinhtg every bank in america

and somehow this solution sounds a lil crazy to me

wouldnt it be lil safter if money was money

corporations were corporations

and the corporations and the mega rich just pulled their own weight

im aall for safer saner solutions

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