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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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merry christmas and f*&k you too

By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
Posted in:

so this year i was looking forward to xmass lil more then usual cause had saved up a lil extra money and planned on going all out more then usual getting bigger better gifts for everyone

so the last few days ive been looking for my debit card which got misplaced..or so i thought to srtart my holiday shopping spree

yesterday i cancled it and got a new card cause i couldnt find it for several days

so armed with my brand new card i go to make a purchase..and to my surprise my accounts empty

just weeks before xmass someone decides to steal every cent i have and go on their own lil shopping spree

so all my holiday cheer once again is shot to hell

and ontop of that i had planned on doing a bigger give away this month to members and now i cant afford a thing

im prwtty sure i know who did it too and my 1 wish for the holidays now is for him to spend it in a nice lil cell with a nice fat not so jolly guy whos more then happy to stuff his stocking and plunge his chimney with a harty hohoho your my bitch now

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/04/12 05:27:56PM @soaring-eagle:

thnx well he was suposed to turn himself in on monday but after stealing nearly 3000 just a week or 2 b4 he told the cops he couplnt afford the bus fair to get there

so the judge was busy till tomorow and will sign the arrest warent tomoro and he will get picked up then

12/31/11 10:36:03PM @aika:

dude, someone just used my debit card too :( they spent $430 -_- i hope i get it all back. this is such a pain in the ass...cancelling cards and waiting for the investigation to go through. i hope things are working out for you now, though. have a better new year!

12/31/11 01:35:30PM @janice:

*sigh* You poor dear. That really stinks. Here is hoping that 2012 brings you all that you deserve, which is every GOOD thing!

I am interested to know if a) the buggger gets his just desserts and b) your bank card company reimburses you, as was suggested by Gabriel. Do follow through on his suggestion if you have the energy. ((hugs)) from Canada. You should come live here, we don't use actual money but instead barter with maple syrup and beaver pelts! hahaha

12/31/11 01:01:00PM @danatrain:

oh karma will come baack around..

teresa ball
12/26/11 11:52:42AM @teresa-ball:

so sorry to hear that what a horrid thing to do,specially b4 xmas too.xxxxx
12/16/11 09:11:46PM @elkeinalaska:
How'd he use it as a debit card without your PIN? I think the only place I've been able to use mine without a PIN or ID is the gas station.

12/16/11 06:43:44PM @aika:

what an asshole. im sorry, se. i hope your xmas spirit can be revived. i would love to send you a little xmas present to cheer you up :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/16/11 03:14:12PM @soaring-eagle:

if its used as a credit card they reimbus=rse u id=f as a debit card they probably wont

but he will be arrested today or tomorow

grand total stolen $2,293.50

even transferred the 3 dollars out of savings to be sure he hgot every last cent

then went on to check the ballance over and over to see if more was depossited each time pi=utting n=me 1.50 further into a negative ballance

i dont get why after taking that much from me in a 3 or 4 day period he needed that lsast 3 dollars.

Shanxon Lemasters
12/15/11 08:33:58PM @shanxon-lemasters:

They should definately re-imburse you but this is terrible, I'm so sorry SE :(

Castaway J
12/15/11 07:32:56PM @castaway-j:

yeah SE they should get you back all of your moneys. this has happened to my boss on a few occasions and we joke about it, but the banks always got him his money back.

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