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dreadlocks shampoo
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dreadlocks health information

By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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dreadlocks the healthy way

dreadlocks can be healthy and clean when treated properly, however many popular methods and maintenance techniques are unhealthy long term


  • wash them often 1-3 times a week is best dreadlocks prefer to be clean
  • separate often after each wash, dreads that grow together are called congos congo dreadlocks are cool but, when they grow too huge can cause issues.
  • condition as needed (mature or african dreads) conditioners are not good for young dreads unless its typically dry african hair types, but all mature dreads may use conditioning when dry, use natural oils like jojoba or aloe vera , not heavy residue causing conditioners.
  • do dry your dreads completely before putting in a hat, or tying them up, even wrapping in a towel for awhile can cause trouble. dreadlocks dry slowly, and need air flow all around them to dry, bundling them up or covering them will quickly lead to stinky moldy dreads.


  • don't ever use wax! not even one time! wax is hydrophobic meaning it will not wash out, it restricts movement, now they tell you it "holds dreads in" so they don't fall apart, but what they don't tell you is anything that holds prevents new knots from forming! dread wax prevents dreadlocks from dreading properly, requiring hours of palm rolling to compress hair in wax to resemble dreadlocks.
  • don't poke holes in dreads! whether with crochet hooks sewing needles or felting needles, poking holes in dreads breaks hairs, causing them to need more poking to fix the hairs you broke!
  • don't tie knots or force the dread through the roots! if you tie a knot to fix a weak spot you make that weak spot 30% weaker. if you force the dread through the roots you weaken that spot by 30% but you also remove the movement room at the roots needed for natural dreading. if over done this can also cause unnatural tension on the roots leading to hair loss.
  • don't twist them constantly, twisting dreads tightly in an attempt to pull hairs in at the roots can cause weak roots that can break, and can cause tension at the roots leading to permanent balding and a condition known as traction alopecia.
  • don't over maintain! some tidying up is ok, but constant visits to a salon, or constantly working on them will weaken them. rubbing rolling and poking at them will do damage, from mild to severe.

you may have noticed there are more don'ts thendo's

this is because dreads are at the healthiest when you do less to them (provided they are washed and dried properly)

for more tips check back often

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