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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ


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its been an awesome 3 years

user image 2012-08-09
By: ☮ soaring eagle ॐ
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dreadlockssite celebrates its 3 year birthday today aug 9th

so i wanted to share a lil of the history and landmarks we've encountered along the way.

First off the humble beginnings. I was on a site called hipforums that got less and less hip all the time, it got downright ugly in fact. so i stayed in the dread forum only and avoided the other 400 forums, but even that was full of sarcastic replies troll like behavior and silly arguments and abusive behavior. I then along with slang came up with the concept for dreadlocktruth and i made tge 1st donation to get that started however after trying to join many times but having trouble i gave up.

after awhile i got sick of hipforums so found a new site dreadlocksforums but there were hardly anyone there, 8 out of every 10 that tried to join couldnt, and the admin who started it spent 5 minutes on the site the 1st day then vanished for over a year.

o after posting the original version of dreaducation there we held a meeting of all the active members and decided to hold a mutiny of sorts and recreate tge site here, or to be more precice create a better version that people could join, had an active admin and would provide only the best info we could.

early on we were a group of maybe 100 that moved from that site to here. but a comment on dreadheadhqs myspace page about the evils of wax soon changed that as a couple hundred former dreadheadhq customers flocked to us.

by the time we reached 800 members or so the sitemap had grown from roughly 2000 pages to 50,000 and i remember thinking (and posting) that we were officialy a large site at that time

who would have guesed that in the next 2 1/2 years we'd reach 1,118,695 yea over a milion pages (that was last nights sitemap update total)

since then we held a debate with jonny clean which he failed miserably to defend his products, even using his incredible powers of nonsense confusion and lies. he then came back to us a month later admitting that wax doesnt wash out of dreads, and that when waxed no new knots form after day 1!

we pushed him into promising a free wax remover to anyone who used hi wax (ofcourse hi ax removers c[-very expensive, not proven to be effective, and harsh chemicals. he also has a long lit of requirements in order to get it free, so much so that every wax victim has just opted to buy the all natural wax b gone instead.

during year 2 we expanded alot, adding the dreadlocks dating site, as well as offering fre shops to members who are crafty or creative.

this lead to creation of a dread wax remover made by a couple members who were originaly dreadheadhq "sponsored" members (they now say dreadheadhq supporters are very cult like and the "sponsored" meant they were never alowed to tell the truth about the products.

unfortunately due to life issues they discontinur]=ed the wax removal soaps, byt along came a new member who makes awesome dread soaos who developed a new wax rejkmover thats even more effective.

We've saved thousands of dreads along the way, from wax, crochet, twisting causing baldness, and much more. over a million dreadheads have visited the site, and hundreds of thousands (at a gurss) use it regularly as their ony reliable source of dreadlocks info.

in the past year weve witnesed the top dread sites fall from grace, as wich has held the number 1 position in google has 1/100th the trafic we have, and almost 100% that viit read only 1 page then leave in disgust. the other "big names" dreadheadhq and knottyboy now combined get 1/5th the traffic we get thats both sites combined.

in the past year 1/2 we've seen a reduction in wax use, where it used to be 1 out of every 3 that joined had used wax, now its closer to 1 in 20!

unfortunately thanks to youtube though crochet use has gone way up as wax use went down.

thanks to all the wonderful members and their dedication to this site we have earned a reputatiion thats lead to almost 1/2 our search r=traffic searching fir info on our site specificly like 1/3 traffic is just searching dreadlockssite and alt more searching stuff like best shampoo for dreads dreadlockssite or loose roots dreadlockssite proving that they feel we are the authority and most reliable source of info.

ofcourse we hac some try ti give us a bad reputatuon toosaying we werent accepting because we wouldnt recomend harmful methods. especialy those who proffitted from the harmful methods.

but then there were others in the industry that recognized the value of the info we provided and many reformed their businesses

one worth mentioning ragingrootsstudios formerly the dreadqueen refuses to provide services like interlocking or wax use instead provides a list of less then ethical locticians willing to do them.

we as a community have had a profound effect on dreadlocks worldwide

and this is just the beginnibg, just 3 years in by the time we reach 10 years i'm certain we will be blown away by how far we've come.

today, on our 3rd birthday as a community i want wach and every 1 of you to turn on the facebook autoshare thing (floating over there on the left)

and share as much of the sites content as you can for the day and lets see if we can't kick off the 4th year with a bang, and double the number we reach for the day.


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/28/22 08:52:15AM @soaring-eagle:
Do you know it’s been 15 or 20 years now right

08/09/12 01:10:47AM @hippyfish:

Happy B-Day DLS!! Stumbling across this site a year ago is what saved me from using products that I had ordered form dreadheadhq... after reading the unlimited info here on the site, I promptly returned those products back to where they came from and I couldn't be any happier for doing so. Thank you for providing such a kick ass site for dreads everywhere! Mahalo!!

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