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Sha Maya


Location: Helsinki
Country: FI


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/18/11 10:23:31AM @soaring-eagle:
yay a finnish rainbow dready sister :) cant get any better then that..hugs love you

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/18/11 08:17:45AM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/29/11 11:35:13PM @soaring-eagle:

izzy im so sorry i really had hope hed pull through if theres antything i/we can do let me/us know i can add the pitch in app to see if we can collect some $ if tthat woulf help at all

but perhaps the best way we can help is to help you help others not end up like that maybe help you by featuring a blg post or jhelp you create a site telling his story i know its too soon to think about such things but im just at a loss as to what more to offer in way of help through this..well except you know im always here if u need to talk


denise iesha alice shannon
07/29/11 10:58:31PM @cindy-lillemo:

I love you Izzy...and I am so sorry <3

04/16/11 07:17:59PM @mzjae:
thanks for being my friend please link to::

denise iesha alice shannon
12/09/10 02:16:27AM @cindy-lillemo:
Beautiful, sweet Izzy...Happy Birthday darlin'! Much love..XOXO

denise iesha alice shannon
08/21/10 03:35:52PM @cindy-lillemo:
I was sooo glad to hear from you because you have been on my mind! I am happy for all your good stuff and the job will come soon enuff! It has been killer hot huh? We went to visit my daughter in Utah and it was 111 and I thought of you! :D I hope the business thing goes your way. You are a smart, sweet person and you desrve only the best things. So, what is the boyfriend called? Tell me about him! Are you still finding time to crochet? Bring me up to date!!! Sending love and flowers!!!!

denise iesha alice shannon
07/21/10 04:32:04PM @cindy-lillemo:
Aloha Izzy dear! How are you sweetie? I haven't heard from you in alittle are you doing? How goes the job search and stuff? I hope you are doing well. I thought of you while I was in was 111 degrees and I chuckled to myself..."Now I know how Izzy feels!" Drop by my way and say hi! Love and kissses.

Andrew Bet
07/21/10 10:13:01AM @devon:
Hey Izzy! I hope you're doing ok and everything is far out and outta sight in your life!!!!

denise iesha alice shannon
07/06/10 06:22:00PM @cindy-lillemo:
Somehow, someday you will have a series of events lead you some place un expected and then you will say.."Wow! I am exactly where I was meant to be!" I do hope you visit Cali along the way, it can be very nice. My dream is to one day go to india. I have dreamed of it all my day I say. You created such a visual for me talking about the seat belt "branding" you! I thought.."Oh my poor little Izzy, branded everyday by that hateful seat belt!" LOl : D

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